Heeeeeeeellllllllllppppppppppppp !!!!!!!!

  1. I need your help !!!!!!!

    I sold a Gucci bag binoche from year 2001 in ebay. I bought this bag in an official Gucci store and I still have the original bill.

    Now some lawyers from gucci wrote me that this bag is FAKE :cry:

    I NEVER had fake purses in my life... SO PLEASE if anyone has a GUCCI BINOCHE BAG OR KNOWS SOMEBODY WHO HAS ONE (PLEASE ASK YOUR FRIENDS TOO) FROM YEAR 2001 please please send me a picture and whats really important for me the serial number...

    I could cry the hole day I dont know what to do....

    You are my last hope
  2. Call the store you purchased it from and see if they have a record of the sale..OR call the credit card Co..if you used a card for proof of purchase???!SO SORRY!
  3. susanna,
    If you have the original receipt, I don't see why there is a problem. You have proof of purchase, and now shouldn't it be the burden of the lawyers to show that either a) the bag you sold is that the same bag that you purchased, or b) that the receipt is a fake? So you should get a lawyer and counter-sue.
  4. That is awful! I am sorry you are going through this! I agree with everything already stated- your credit card company should be able to help you locate the records of your purchase. Good luck, and keep us posted. (Remember, the burden is also on them to prove that it is fake- but its always good to have all of your proof ready to go)
  5. Susanna, sorry to hear about this. Since you still have the original bill, hope everything will be resolved asap...
  6. Susanna, sorry to hear that. There is nothing for you to worry about because you have the receipt (there should be your bag's item no.) and you bought it from the Gucci store. As jag said, if the bag's serial no. is not on the receipt, go back to the store and ask them to pull up your sales records, that should solve the misunderstanding. I hope this will be resolve soon for you.
  7. You bought it from a Gucci boutique and still have the reciept. Sounds like Gucci's problem, not yours. If it were me, I'd be mightly pissed that I got a fake bag from them.....
  8. susanna, before you panic, verify that the letter you got was ACTUALLY from gucci's lawyers and not from a disgruntled buyer with buyer's remorse that's trying to scare you in to giving a refund. i HIGHLY doubt that gucci would sic their lawyers on anyone that wasn't selling fake bags by the truckload. it's easy to fake a form letter from lawyers.

    after you've gotten in contact with gucci corporate to verify that, it should be easy to verify with the boutique that the bag is authentic.

    just remember, it's the times that you most want to panic that it's most important that you stay cool and think logically. i promise everything will work out!
  9. Call Gucci and ask them to bring up your name and history, it should be in their system what you bought and when. Ask them to send you a copy then fax it to the "lawyer"

  10. Exactly what I thought when I read the original post.
  11. I strongly agree. I have a problem believing that high powered Gucci lawyers have the time to bother with one little sale on E-Bay. Ask for the lawyers name and lawfirm, phone number, address, etc.
  12. I totally agree with what Amanda said...why would Gucci go after one person from 5 years ago, when you have the original receipt? I would think that their time would be better spent going after all the fakers that import by the case loads!!
  13. hmmm...not sure why you would need a pic of someone else's gucci purse to help your case. The original receipt should do it. also, like amanda said, the whole lawyer thing doesn't sound real, maybe just a scare tactic by the buyer. just as long as you have proof that what you sold is authentic, i wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  14. I agree -- someone is just trying to scare you. There is no way a corporate lawyer would spend time on this small-potato thing. I'd put a scare back in the fake lawyer. Do a quick check w/the state bar in the appropriate state just to make sure the person is not listed, then fire off a letter to the fake lawyer saying that practicing law without a license is illegal and you intend to pursue the matter.
  15. I agree it sounds well fishy, if you had a history of trading dodgy Guccis by the dozen, then maybe but this sounds wrong, so good luck sorting it out and I feel for you having to deal with all this stress and nonsense!