Heeeeeeeeeello there!!!

  1. Hi everyone...:heart:
    I hope you are all doing well and doing great!!!
    I have missed all of you a lot and have really missed being around people who understand my love for bags!!! :love:
    I am quite preggo now...it's been an interesting time. One filled with a lot of nausea, vomitting, fainting spells and hormones :wtf: (poor dear hubby). We are quite excited and can't wait to meet our baby.
    The shower will be in 2 weeks and I can't wait to get the nursery together and then try to take it easy until baby gets here.
    I feel huge...and I blame DH (he was 11bs. when he was born!!!) and I think this baby took after Dad.
    Thank you for the private messages and the :heart:. I hope you are really enjoying your bags i've been getting a lot of baby clothes and baby things...but I am hopeing for Christmas I will get my Muse :drool:!!!
  2. Congrats & great to have you back! How many diaper bags have you bought already, happypug? :smile:
  3. Oohhh, congratulations! :smile: That's so exciting for you. How many weeks along are you now? Do you know the sex of the baby or are you going to wait for the baby to come??

    That's so exciting! Be sure to post pictures of the nursery when it gets finished, I'm sure lots of us love looking at those types of things :biggrin: ...At least I do, lol
  4. Congrats to you and your DH! It is a really wonderful exciting time. I hope you are getting your rest now!
  5. hello.. and congrats.. yeah, now you need some real good rest.. take very good care...
  6. Aw congrats :smile:
  7. hey happypug....congrats

    Glad you and fam are doing good
  8. hey girl!:heart:
    Sorry I haven't PM'd you back yet, I will!

    Glad you posted!:yes:
  9. Congrats!!
  10. Ooops I totally forgot...we are having a boy! I have bunches of blazers and old man shirts, cords, slacks...LOL LOL LOL! My mom tells me we are having a child not a doll, hahaha!!!
    Yeah I've got him a few of those slogan shirts...they crack me up!
    I was going to get one of those leather diaper bags and then after some "research" I was told that a back-pack is the way to go so I got this, which is way cuter in real life.

    Hubby is still looking for his own diaper bag :smile: Thanks for all the love and I appreciate...I'll get nursery pics up once it's ready :smile:
  11. Lindsay green messenger bag.jpg candyargyle suede fall bag.jpg
  12. heatherlang's Etsy Shop - Hands Free Diaper Bag - Varsity Edition

    Description[​IMG]Your team is on the move, and so you need this great HANDS FREE DIAPER BAG to keep your gear organized and at your fingertips!

    The super-comfortable strap is designed to be worn across the chest and keeps BOTH of your hands free to hold baby on hip, make calls on your cell, push the stroller, put groceries in the car, go out for a long pass...whatever it is, now you can do it all! (I had a ten-pound baby, and broke my back while pregnant - this style of diaper bag SAVED me!)

    -green fabric and football fabric is from a vintage coverlet.
    -lined with super-soft denim-like cotton, all in one color so it's easy to find things inside.

    -six roomy inside pockets with three extra little ones for keys, cell, etc.

    -large back pocket hold coordinating changing pad that is included with the bag.

    -ergonomic, across-the-shoulder design.

    -great design for dads, too!
    heatherlang hands free diaper bag varsity edition.jpg heatherlang hands free diaper bag.jpg