Hedi Slimane Has To GO....

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  1. Already in places like TJ Maxx? That's not a ringing endorsement. I was considering the Duffle 6, but if they are already shipping to TJ Maxx and discounters, what's the point?
  2. Certainly not doubting you, but are you sure that the bags are current season with the reworked logo?

    It would not surprise me if they were, but this seems a bit premature for a house that is supposed to be having such a magnificent makeover.

    The duffel bag is really a dud despite the celeb placement. It is awkwardly shaped and I question the functionality of how the straps attach. There are plenty of better duffels on the market. Although if someone gifted it to me, I would not complain.

    Like most things since Slimane arrived there is much bark with very little bite. The products are much hyped. Then the delivery deflates.

    Remember a few months ago when certain misguided blogs were certain the Duffel would be the next 'it' bag? Well, most it bags don't need announcements that they will be the next it bag. They just became such. Think Celine Luggage and Fendi Peakaboo.
  3. I didn't really take issue with the price except for the larger Duffles, I mean really? $3000+ for a duffel? I'd rather save for a Vuitton SC. As far as quality, I'm no leather expert but the leather on my now exchanged Duffle 6 was quite nice, if a bit too delicate. The design I liked a lot because it has such an under the radar look to it until all these blogs announced that it was gonna be the next It Bag. It doesn't need to be announced for it to be It. As far as these TJ Maxx sightings, pics please then I'll believe it. If it's true then I'm not gonna think less of it, the allure is lessened but I still like it.
  4. maybe the ones in TJ Maxx are the more scratched ones (but if there were a ton, maybe people just like t ogle at SLPs and touch them and play, but don't really buy them).. there were also some Celines there, albeit very scratched ones..

    my advice to you, save up for an SC. Trust me it's too damn gorgeous! and once you feel the soft, yummy, thick, smooshy, fragrant leather, you'll say to yourself: "Duffle what?" hahaha:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  5. Or if I came across a caramel-y Céline Triptyque then the bag goddesses would have answered my prayers.
  6. Yeah my guy is the responsible one in the relationship, he already got me one bag, that's it, he tolerates my mild obsession but he certainly won't encourage it further!
  7. Sorry using the app and having trouble with direct replies.

    The SL bags are current season. They are not scratched/defective. Went into TJ maxx late last night and tried on the faux birkin. Felt heavy but looked solid. They even had the new clutch with the metal clasp that Kim kardashian has been seen with. The cabas chyc in green and black. Anyway, all devices in this house are in use and my iPod touch (on which I took pics) is acting up, but I will be sure to upload pics in the TJ maxx thread.

    Hope everyone's having a great day.

  8. Prices?
  9. The faux Birk was $1999, the small cabas chycs (with shoulder strap) were $1699. Don't know the price of the clutch, sadly.

    Let me know if you have other qs. Thanks.
  10. And the Duffles? Did they have it in brown?
  11. Didn't see that one. Check the TJ Maxx thread though as there was a report on it. Good luck.
  12. Thanks Aluxe. I saw that someone found a gray Duffle 12. Pretty awesome find, and that red Sac De Jour! I wouldn't mind coming across these bags at my local TJ Maxx, my credit card would but he'll get over it.
  13. Restraint, melikey. Restraint. There's too many bags but so little time...
  14. Lol ooh toots don't talk to me about restraint ;)
  15. ahahahahahaha:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    i have to admit, we bot got serious bag addictions.. hahaha