Hedi Slimane Has To GO....

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  1. I don't know if I'm supposed to make a thread about it.... but I just saw the Fall 2013 collection and it is GOD AWFUL.... Ladies it's time to stock up until he is OUT....






    If you gonna have all that ego to change the brands name.... and change it's location.... and shade Cathy Horyn... at least put out a decent collection.... I can't....
  2. oh man...normally i dig grunge...but this is pretty awful
  3. WTF! :throwup::throwup::throwup:
  4. I agree Slimane's creations are both tired and offbeat. He has imprisoned himself in a bygone era and over romanticized the City of Angels.

    I think this would be fine for some secondary diffusion line but not for the main line of one of the most storied fashion houses in history.

    Rumor has it that Slimane's first collection is selling well, but I have not been able to substantiate it. And even if it is selling well at the moment that could just be a brief blip on the radar because of the controversy. His designs do not have staying power.

    It is nothing more than the second coming of Dior Homme.

    I have yet to see anyone on the street carrying that SLP duffel either.
  5. I think the only okay piece is the skirt in the 2nd photo. But everything else is really bad. There is no classiness whatsoever that YSL use to encompass.

    Also, I think the products that are probably selling well are the bags that Slimane revamped (like the chyc etc) and probably not his own designs like SLP duffel like you mentioned!
  6. Nothing classy/classic I see.
  7. Gosh, this collection is awful! I didn't mind the first collection however this is absolutely lack lustre. I wonder where the inspiration came from!?
  8. some people in his opinion do like to dress like a hooker.
  9. Freaking tasteless. Grungy hooker chic can be done right but this is not it, how sad...
  10. I gulped when I saw. I like grunge, but from a charity shop not (Yves) Saint Laurent

    I was on his side for the last show, I thought he could develop an aesthetic but no, this is beyond publicity seeking controversy, this is a travesty, I mean it's not even grunge done well, it's cliche crapiola :throwup:
  11. Did anyone else think that many of the pieces looked like rejected outfits from people kicked off Project Runway?

    Wait let me look at the pics again, in case I am being quick to judgement...

    Nope, my opinion stays. I do like the little cutesy dress in pic 4 but you can get a dress like that anywhere.

    Oh well.

    Can someone start a countdown clock for the Slimane-era?
  12. Hmm. I was thinking his days might be numbered as well. But, I doubt it. They gave him so much reign over the brand that they would not want to do all that backpedaling.

    It would be an embarassment to out him now. He is probably going to be around for some time.

    I really did like Pilati's work, but the brand needed to be catapulted even further and higher into another stratosphere. Pilati laid the groundwork for this transformation very well. It was time for a new evolution at YSL, but this was not the change that I was hoping for.

    I always thought someone like Haider Ackerman or Joseph Altuzarra would bring the right edge to the brand.

    YSL has a good bag and shoe business that just needed a bit of fine tuning to make it even greater. I do like that Slimane has freshened up some of the new classics, but his own designs leave me feeling disappointed. It seems everything lacks luxury.

    Slimane needs his own line. He should not be allowed to "play house" in the house of Saint Laurent.
  13. I completely agree with the bold statements. I respect the fact that the brand needed to shake things up. But, Slimane came in with, dare I say, an attitude. And that would be okay, if he backed that ~ish up. :lol:

    I also think it is sad that Slimane keeps tinkering with Pilati's work while his own creations, well, fail to inspire. I can't wait to see how the magazines and stylists are going to work the Fall collection into their work. Hopefully, they will help folks like me who just can't see his vision, connect with his work.

    But, I keep thinking (or is it wishing) that Slimane will exit stage left sometime soon. What do I know. Just glad that Wang didn't send pure fug or "grunge hooker chic" down the runway last week. :smile:
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    I saw it!! I wish I hadn't. I have no idea where he's heading with the brand. His previous collection wasn't terrible. The fall 2012 collection was quite nice. Oops that was Pilati lol :P
  15. I love your avatar! How appropriate!

    I was a big fan of Slimane at Dior Homme, and I actually thought that the name change to Saint Laurent would bring about great change, but I didn't expect this. This collection lacks relevance to today's fashion, and (like the last collection) reminds the word how out of touch Slimane is from the fashion world since leaving Dior Homme. It literally looks like he sampled grunge styles without adding anything new.

    I watched the Style.com video for this collection and the people that they interviewed commented on how they loved the clothes and Slimane's direction. Maybe there's something that I am not seeing, but I don't agree with the comments at all.

    But the retailers seem to really love him too.
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