Hedgie watching my first reveal: 40 Togo Alezean

Feb 10, 2007
IMG_0003a hedgie (Medium).jpg

Topaz Birkin 001 (Large).jpg

Topaz Birkin 002 (Large).jpg

Birkin 006 (Medium).jpg

My mom surprised me with this gorgeous Birkin! I love the color--it is thick and rich with taupe-ish coffee color. I sadly read the "worst color" thread and almost cried when I learned that this deep lovely color-- that is perfect with my "drab" wardrobe of black, brown, olive, navy and white-- is disliked by many. If I weren't a newbie, I probably wouldn't be hurt. Big Baby! Puff the hedgie loved it!
i happen to think alezan is one of the most understated neutrals out there! i have tried one on myself in Japan and it was stunning. Sadly, the Japan price made me walk away empty handed!

Hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come! :yahoo:
I have a birkin many years old which looks very much like yours. I never actually knew the color but think it might be the same as yours. The leather texture and color looks so similar. I LOVE mine and take it out in the fall.

I really think we have the same color and leather. Congratulations :smile:
Are you kidding? This is beautiful and if it makes you happy it doesnt matter. You have a bag that makes you feel great, happy and confident. Modeling pics never hurt by the way... :smile: Congratulations, for what it is worth I think it is a stunner!
sparklelisab, you're the one wearing it not them. So if you love it, that's what's important. Plus it's special because it's a gift from your mom. Some people hate orange, red, blue white and pink but that doesn't stop others like me from buying them. So be thankful your mom has great taste and give her a big kiss, while wearing your birkin:smile:
Never let anyone else's opinion put you off something you love-- if Azelan were more popular, perhaps it wouldn't have been there for your mum to find! Browns do not remotely go with my black/white/blue/red wardrobe, but I think this is a beautiful shade.

Congrats, and I hope you enjoy it for many years to home. :heart:

PS: your hedgie is adorable.
OMG I love your little hedgehog! I saw one at our vet's office one day, and think they are so adorable.

Your bag is gorgeous - I think the color is a great neutral. Like many colors, it might look better in some leathers than others. The main thing is - do you love it?