Heck no! Never on MY feet!

  1. It occurred to me that many of us on the board have very similar tastes in shoes. I wonder if that holds true for our distastes. Let's hear 'em, ladies!

    -- I will NOT, under any circumstances, wear flipflops outside of the apartment. Not for picking up mail, not for running errands, not for taking the trash out, not for so much as stepping 1/2 inch outside of my door. I just do not think they're appropriate attire, except for the beach.

    -- I despise Crocs. I think they should only be used for their intended purpose -- gardening. I cringe every time I see someone with them on in New York.
  2. I totally agree with you! :tup:
    And no uggs for me, I do not live in Alaska. Southern California is not a place for furry boots.
  3. LMAO. Ok, I'm on board with the Crocs and the Uggs. Hospital people go all crazy over the Crocs and I have to hold back my opinion on them for fear of getting beat up. lol

    Ok, having lived in South Beach though, I have been known to walk around in flip flops here and there, but they are always Havaianas!
  4. No crocs or uggs for me either. I do wear LV and MJ spa mules though out of the house. I don't own havianas but I do own designer flip flop flats like Jimmy Choo.
  5. No uggs or crocs for me. However, flip flops are a staple! Then again, living in beach towns has always been my thing.
  6. I love UGG´s, I would wear them only in the winter though. Use my crocs in the garden only. Love flip-flops, would wear them for a quick run to the store near by for example.
  7. no crocs, no uggs, no foamy/plastic flipflops. I will wear flipflops outside but only within a 1 block radius around my apartment.
  8. Not to get off topic, but UGG boots were originally made for practical uses (keeping feet and legs warm) rather than for aesthetic purposes. They just became trendy because of celebrities being seen wearing them.

    I live in a beach town and I grew up seeing UGG boots all over the place. Surfers were known (I don't know if they still do) to sport them because they kept their legs and feet warm when they got out of the water.


    Anyhow, I've got nothin against flats, they're just a no no for me because I need all the height I can get with wedges/heels since my legs are shorter than my torso (I need to balance out the two).:push:
  9. OH MY NERD!!! It is funny to hear you say that. My hubby and the rest of the nurses live in Crocs. I told him they were initially for garden use and have been around for what seems forever(since I was a child). He even had the nerve to try and wear em to Disney. I had to rebuke him:roflmfao:
  10. uggs and crocs
  11. No to crocs for sure. I don't see anything wrong with Uggs or flipflops. I live at the beach, and i wear them to work when appropriate. And you aren't going to see me walking down Robertson is 5 inch heels...that is ridiculous, unnecessary, and completely uncomfortable.
  12. Oh my! :p

    Are they even comfortable? They sure don't look like they would be..
  13. LOL...I wear flipflops everywhere (I'm in FL so I use that as my excuse)...and I still wear Uggs...but I will not, WILL NOT, wear Crocs. Blah. lol
  14. Don't mind flip flops but agree with the crocs. One shoe I'm not crazy about anymore is the clog. I have a pair of Michael Kors clogs but never wear them. Another look is the work boot w/shorts. I never cared for that.
  15. I admit to owning crocs, but they are my walking across the parking lot at work in a downpour shoes so I don't ruin any of my nice ones!!!