Hebrew Wedding Rings

  1. I got engaged on May 4th (yahoo! not bad for a ~cough~ forty-something woman who has been divorced almost ten years!) and am on the hunt for a wedding ring. :yahoo:

    My fiance DID have a wedding ring to go with my engagement ring, but they (literally) ruined it when they sized it. Not fun!

    So....back to the drawing board.

    I am contemplating a Hebrew wedding ring. It's what I've always wanted. (And yes, I am Jewish!) Here are my hesitations:

    I haven't found anyone locally who carries anything like this. I would never want to buy something SO important without trying it on. Plus...my engagement ring is not the usual diamond solitaire. It's a beautiful Art Deco diamond band. I love it.

    I think it will still "work" with a Hebrew ring. Not everyone's taste, I know, but I've never been the matchy-matchy kind and whatever ring I choose will not be matchy-matchy, but will "work" with my ring. And I did try on a friend's Hebrew ring and I thought it "worked".

    For those of you ladies who have Hebrew rings...did you buy locally? Did you buy something 'standard' or custom-made? If you didn't buy locally...say online...how did that work out for you?

    I am also a little concernd about having a ring that cannot be re-sized over the years should the need arise. Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks to all you lovely ladies in advance!