Heavy Stella Bag?

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  1. Is it just me or do you think the Stella is too heavy? My first Stella in black I got the year it came out and the zipper kept getting stuck and there were real buckles you had to open for the pockets. The next was a gift from last year, the Stella in red with the easy push buckles and no problem zipper. However, the bag always feels unusually heavy!
  2. Mne is a little heavy...But I am still loving her! Unlike ALOT of my bags!!!
  3. it is to heavy for me.
  4. I have one from a few years ago, with a cloth interior, and I think it's a bit lighter than the ones with a suede interior. It is a heavy bag, but I look at it as a workout ;) .
  5. I agree SuLi. I think the suede interiors definitely add heft to the bag. Mine is lined in fabric and is heavy, but not too heavy.
  6. My Stella is lined in fabric, so it's not as heavy as the ones lined in suede. Such a great bag!
  7. I have 4 Stellas (ok, maybe I have a wee problem?). One is from the first season, with buckles and a suede lining, two are later bags with brushed nickle pushlocks and cloth linings, and the fourth is one of the reissued bags with buckles and a suede lining. The first bag is definitely the heaviest, followed by the forth bag and then the two cloth-lined bags.

    But I don't find them very heavy. I mean, I use them as work bags, full of stuff, so my stuff is heavy, but the bags themselves aren't terribly heavy. They just work well for me, I can wear them on the shoulder or hand carry and are just wonderful!
  8. If I carry my Stella for too long it starts to feel heavy... but if I have a chance to set it down every now and then I'm fine with it. I definitely prefer the size (and weight) of the Sofias.
  9. Yes, they are heavy! I have one in apple green with fabric interior and another one in indigo with suede interior, BOTH as heavy :smile:
    But I loo:huh::huh:O:huh:ove MJ bags!!
  10. My ivory one is a bit heavy as well...but I am personally finding all my bags are heavy! My friend was holding my paddy for me today and she said it felt like a bag of coals!! Maybe it's what I'm lugging around with me!
  11. I hear you ladies. I have one in black with the cloth lining -- bought it because of the size thinking I'd use it as a book bag, and seriously everytime I carry it it kills my shoulders... but, I love how it looks! :sad: So I too, think of it as a work out... and try to avoid heavy books in the bag when I do take it out.
  12. i have a stella in thistle (light green) with suede lining. yeah, it is a little heavy, but it doesn't bother me too much, i love the bag!
  13. *phew* glad I'm not the only one :sad2: :amuse:
  14. yes, im sad also. I really wanted to buy one as a book bag for school. Then I realized it would be too heavy for my preference.
  15. yes it is heavy. and the zipper gets stuck often also