Heavy bags?

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  1. I have several low end designer bags that are very heavy when I put my stuff in them. They are heavy just empty. I would love a BBag but if it is heavy like some of my Cole Haan, Dooney, etc I am not going to put out the money.
  2. omg! bbags are the lightest bags in the universe. I have two and they are smushy and super light. If you're like me (i am not a fan of heavy bags) you will love bbags.
  3. Thank you! I will restart my mission to get one.
  4. They are sooooooo light. Lighter than any of my LV or Coach bags.
  5. The lightest and most comfy bags in the world. When I wear my city by the shoulder strap, it feels like I'm carrying AIR! Such a relieve after most of my collection, which is all heavy as heck!
  6. Wow, my husband is not going to like any of you ladies!! (hate it for him) I really want one now. You are a great bunch of women!
  7. I think one of the reasons I don't use my other purses as much anymore is because the b'bags are so light. (Although a friend of mine who hates handbags and refers to them as those big clunky things--ha!--still considers my b'bags to be heavy. She should only try to lift a Paddy!
  8. Bbags are my lightest bags that I own.
  9. Balenciaga bags have spoiled me! I bought and sold a lovely Marc Jacobs bag because I was used to the weight of the B-bags. They are super light!
  10. light as air!
  11. b-bags is light, until i recently shipped 2 bags that i sold at ebay. twiggy weight almost 1 kg!
  12. super light! I can't get enough of them! :shame::love:
  13. I wonder if really it has to do with the weight distribution with the strap? My mom was with me when I bought my city and she picked it up and commented how heavy it was (empty)! Later, I had my bag with me one day at her house and asked her to model it for me (lol!). It was FILLED, and she said, "Wow, this bag is so light!".
  14. They are seriously the LIGHTEST bags out there. It's like putting your things into a paper bag! Well, maybe not "THAT" light--but you get the idea.

    I've had other "heavy" bags like MJ and it's hard to look at the heavy bags now. My back and shoulders are thanking me though :P
  15. Thank you all for letting me know. I would sure hate to buy one and then not like it!