Heavy Bags

  1. I love designer things. I thought I loved designers bags, but with the one I just received in the mail (internet order), I quickly lost interest in the brand. I won't mention which one it was, but I can't return it. It was so heavy, and I hadn't even put anything in it yet!

    I'll admit, I haven't been collecting for long. Does anyone have some suggestions for brands that are leather but do not weigh you down like a piece of luggage? I guess I might one lighten than most. Maybe I should take up weight lifting!
  2. Balenciaga....light as a feather!
  3. Coach, non legacy, their leather lasts and lasts and their purses can be very comfortable to carry. However some of their legacy styles can be very heavy
  4. Bulga for lightness also. I LOVE my Botkier Bombay satchel but that is one heavy bag so it stays home if I am going to be walking and walking ...

    (btw, queenmab, I am a pug mom myself!)
  5. I definitely agree with Compass Rose. Balenciaga are :tup::tup:

    I bought a Kooba Ada a few months ago and as much as I love it, it is way too heavy. Hence, I gotta sell it.
  6. I don't carry heavy bags either. I had 3 Luella Bartleys and I sold them all after a while -- they were just too heavy for me. My Chloe Betty hobos are extremely light and most of my LVs are too.
  7. Anna Corinna mini city & drawstring hobo (and I assume her other bags but haven't personnally felt the rest of them). I have an iffy back so light weight is the most important feature.
  8. I agree about Balenciaga...there are seriously light. I just started using my new HH bag (:heart:) and it's also lightweight.

    I had to return a Chloe Paddington cross-body bag because it was INSANELY heavy. Was too heavy to carry even with nothing in it! Very disappointing.:wtf:
  9. I'm sure the Chanel bags are pretty light since there's not very much to them. :shrugs:
  10. I tried on my friend's paddy and found the padlock heavy and bulky. My friend thought so, too, but she keeps it on for the sake of recognition ~sigh~

    I've "test-driven" some bags and found Bulga bags, despite their flair, to be surprisingly light! Gryson bags tend to be heavy.
  11. My Bulga bags are light, as well as my Miu Miu hobo. Also, my Elezar hobo is very lightweight.:heart: Do not even think about Isabella Fiore or Mulberry if you don't want a heavy bag-but to me they're worth the extra weight!
  12. My heaviest bag was the (2005?) Choe Betty (medium). I do not mind the weight of its luxurious leather for it is TDF. The chunky, solid hardware and lock, on the other hand, are a different matter. The metal alone probably weighs a lb. The end result is that this bag weighs over 4 lb empty. Consequently, I rid of it at a big loss (60% off retail).

    My next heaviest bag is the Chloe Paddington (2005 made, so the best leather and metal lock in terms of quality). The lock alone weighs 0.5 lb. The entire bag including the lock weighs about 3.5 lb. This is the only heavy bag I keep, because the style is TDF. For the same vain reason, I rather keep the heavy lock on for its look. A Chloe Paddington just does not look right without its signature lock.

    Since the Betty, I always keep a 2-lb limit in a checklist when shopping for a bag. I can let a few extra oz slip through if I must have the bag. In summary, other than the Paddington, all my bags are under 2 1/2 lb.
  13. balenciaga is VERY light... chanel is not to bad too.
  14. Gustto bags are very light. I don't really mind the Paddy's weight but I have the 06 and think the locks were made lighter?
  15. Light Bags: Gustto Baca, Balenciaga City;Day;First, Fendi Spy

    Medium weight: Some LV monogram styles, Chloe Silverado, Chanel

    Heavier Bags: IF, Kooba, Chloe(Paddy w/the lock attached)

    These are just a few I could think of that I have owned personally. I have also found that the weight of the bag depends on the style of the bag more so than the designer. I have owned several IF's, and the one's I have owned were ALL heavy, but when I was in Saks the other day, I was looking at one that was so light, I had to double check to make sure it WAS indeed an IF.

    I suggest going to Neiman Marcus or Saks to try them on and determine what is "heavy" to you personally.

    Good luck!