Heavy bag-- should I send it back?

  1. I'm really thinking if I should return(or make an exchange) my kooba ada woven tote. I got it last week and try to use it but it's so heavy and hard.
    I tried normal Ada and that was much softer and lighter.

    I like the way it looks because it's original, interesting looking. But functionally, I don't want to carry around a lot.

    What do you think about this?
    Do you use the bag that is heavy but beautiful? Do you prefer the bag which is light?

    Could you give me an advise how to deal with heavy bag?
  2. If it's uncomfortable and too heavy before you even put anything in it, then it's a bag not worth keeping, no matter how gorgeous it is.

    This goes for any style - shoulder, handheld, tote, etc. Not only will you be reluctant to carry it, depending on how it's carried it might even cause back or neck strain.
  3. I agree Pursegrrl-- If it is too heavy, you will never carry it. Maybe an LV tote will be better since the Monogram LV collection is so light (even the Noe, which I have-- love it because the bag is huge but weighs nothing).
  4. I agree. I made the mistake -- and my neck and shoulder paid dearly!
  5. if you dont think you could ever get used to it, return it or exchange it for something lighter and more practical. your arms and back will thank you.
  6. I took back my MJ Stam for just that reason. I loved the look of it but it was too heavy for me...knew it would end up on a shelf in my closet and that was not worth it for $1200 to me...

    Return it and get something you will love and use.
  7. I sold my Kooba leather Ada because it was too heavy. It was like lugging a bowling ball around with my stuff in it. It just wasn't functional enough for me. It sure was a beauty but way too heavy.
    The Woven one looks to me like it would be stiff too which would even make it worse.
  8. Yes, you girls are right.
    If it's too heavy I'll just keep the bag in the closet not using it.

    I'll exchange it to something else since I can only get store credit, not a refund now...

    What is a good alternative of this Ada?? What do you think?
    I like soft leather, dark color... and of course not too heavy.
  9. Hmmm...you said you liked the regular Ada, maybe you should try that one. If you like the Kooba brand, I really like the look of the Paige bag. Hope you find one you really love!