1. I am thinking about purchasing a Chloe Paddington... my only issue is that I have back problems, and I am wondering if this bag will be too heavy for me. Is the padlock as heavy as it looks? :shrugs:
  2. Unfortunately I have had 2 paddys. I got rid of both of them because of the weight. And yes the lock is very heavy.
  3. Thank you for your response... that really helped. I might have to pass on that beautiful bag... and buy the Marc Jacobs I've been eyeing instead. :P
  4. I don't know what Marc Jacobs bag you've been looking at - I have a Chloe Paddy and several MJ bags - the MJ bags are just as heavy - if they have hardware. His hardware looks great and is VERY heavy!
  5. I was worried about the same thing, and was prepared to take the lock off if it was too cumbersome. But I was pleasantly surprised...the leather is heavy, but I don't think the lock adds a lot of weight to it, so I've kept mine on.

    Also, what bisbee said ^^^ - MJ bags are heavy too! If you're looking for something light, I'd recommend LV.
  6. I sold my paddy too as she was too heavy. I found that it wasn't the actual lock, but the hardware that the lock attaches to that was the heavy bit. I agree with Hippiechick, if you're looking for something light try LV........... or even Balenciaga.
  7. I totally agree. I have a paddy and yesterday i received a MJ stam i had ordered. It was bulkier and heavier and the leather texture was harder than the Chloe. I returned it. At least with the paddy you can carry it under your arm!
  8. I actually find my paddy easier to carry than my MJ Blake. I don't think it is that heavy because you can easily wear it over the shoulder. But with any bag, it all depends on how it feels on you! Try it on and see if it is for you! The leather is absolutely TDF!
  9. Are the baby paddingtons heavy?
  10. ^^^They are definitely lighter.
  11. I have a medium and box paddy and I don't think they are that heavy. My advice is the same as jag's, try it on and see if the weight bothers you.

    Totally agree with everyone here, Marc Jacobs bags can be VERY heavy... If you need something light I would recommend Balenciaga. :yes:
  12. Thank you ladies for all of your input... you've been really helpful. :smile:
  13. i'm with audrey on this one. i'm pretty tiny & the weight of the medium satchel doesnt bother me at all. but if you're all for lightweight stuff, i'd highly recommend balenciaga. it is the most lightweight bag EVER!
  14. I can second ikaesmallz Balenciaga recommendation! I have an 2006 Ink City (which I also love) and it is by far the lightest bag I own- and it can also hold a substantial amount. If you live near a Barneys or NM, you can usually try on both Chloe AND Balenciaga- and this way you can compare and see what is most comfortable for you. Either way, you will end up with a fabulous bag!
  15. If you have back problems the paddy might be to heavy for you especially when you wear it for a whole day. I prefer Balenciagas as they're so light and they come in all colours. I do love the leather and the look of my paddy but I don't use her that much anymore.