Heaviness of AW bags

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  1. I've read a lot of complaints about the coco/rocco being very heavy.
    Wanted to get your opinions on the comparison in heaviness with the following bags.
    Willow Frame Messenger bag
    Rocco Mini Duffle
    Baby Rocco
    Diego bucket bag
    Brenda zip chain bag
    Donna hobo bag

  2. I have a Rocco and a Diego and Id say they are pretty darn close to the same weight - maybe the Diego being a bit heavier.
    They are weighty bags but the leather is SUPER thick and I dont find them heavy to carry... they arent as heavy as my chloe paddington.
    I like heavy bags though :greengrin:
  3. ^ agreed with denaroo. I remember my black on black Diego being heavier than my ocean rocco. I think studs play a role in the weight of these bags. Also although the Diego is smaller in dimension than the rocco, the pleated design and the doubled compartments makes the bag beefier. Original roccos were heavier than the recent releases, i hear. My luggage Donna is the lightest of the aw bags I have.
  4. I've been carrying my Rocco daily for about 3 months now and really don't find it that heavy. I've carried it all around Disneyland for hours too. Maybe I am used to the weight because I was carrying Balenciagas with GH before, I don't know. Friends have picked up my bag and commented that it is heavy but the weight hasn't bothered me. I have the black on black Rocco without a shoulder strap.
  5. diego is the heaviest bag I own.. but Im surprised that despite of that, I enjoy totting him...Im happy to hear that rocco is a bit lighter
  6. I find the diego heavy and notice that the shoulder strap is stretching a lot due to the weight. I think I may want to return it for the rocco :sad: although I love it!
  7. hi!
    can someone specify how much the Rocco weighs..
  8. I have the Brenda and don't find it heavy at all. It's a small bag though so it can't really hold a huge load anyway
  9. The Diego feels heavier then the Rocco. I got use to the weight of my Rocco but I have pause when it comes to the Diego
  10. If you're the kind of person who likes to carry everything but the kitchen sink in her bag (like I do), then you're unlikely to notice the extra weight from the bag. Rocco feels heavy when it's empty, but once I fill it with all of my stuff, the extra weight is just a drop in the bucket! :yes:
  11. The cut velvet Diego is not as heavy as the leather Diego; the Donna weighs almost nothing.
  12. I put two AWs on digital scales when curious about weight.
    Daria seemed super heavy to me for her size - such thick, solid leather, she's built like a tank. She weighed in just under 1kg, which is less than a Mulberry Bayswater and I carry those with no issues.

    Brenda weighed something like 600-700g, and she never troubles me in the slightest. I love her very much.

    Weight IS an issue, though. Women can and do damage their bodies by carrying heavy bags.
  13. I have the Rocco with black studs--it's heavy for me--I think it's the short handles and having to carry in hand or on the elbow. I know the newer ones come with a strap. I just bought the Darcy and I love it. Not too heavy and can wear on the shoulder. Where it hits at your side above hip, the brass studs show well.
  14. I love my Diego and even though I don't carry much when I use it it is a haevy bag.
  15. I have the Donna, but I know someone with the Rocco which I've carried before. She had only a wallet in it, while my Donna had a wallet, camera, and my makeup bag. The Rocco was significantly heavier than my Donna. It has a lot to do with the studs, but regardless, the bag is GORGEOUS! :biggrin: