Heaviness/bulkiness of the GST..?

  1. GST owners, do you find your GST to be heavy? i haven't seen and tried it irl, but just seeing the size and the chain, i am wondering if it's on the heavy side.
  2. I don't own one (yet) but I did try it on today and it's pretty light, not heavy at all.
  3. it actually is a little heavy, especially if you tend to lug around a ton of stuff.
    But it's not over the top IMO.
  4. I don't fine mine heavy at all; however i don't stuff my handbags with alot of junk. It is NOTHING compared to th MC tote.
  5. ^ Agreed. I'm comparing it to my LV Suhali Le Tal (which is the bag I used today while at the Chanel store) and it was pretty light. It wasn't heavy, IMO.
  6. Me neither..it's probably one of the lightest bags I own!
  7. Don't feel it is heavy...but that also depend on what stuff do u put inside...
  8. I agree with one of the other ladies, if you fill it up it can get quite heavy. I bought two before the price increase (beige and black w/ gold). I feel like mine is a little bit boxy feeling under my arm , and I am waiting for it to flatten a bit. It is a very chic tote bag, and I get tons of compliments.
  9. Keep in mind the large size, too... not only can it get heavy, but it can get a little awkward, as well, especially when you're shopping in a crowded place to taking public transit or something. It's not a large smooshy bag that molds around your body, but it definitely has corners! Not that I don't love this bag, but I can see that it would have downfalls for someone else.
  10. how does it compare to a med. classic flap? in terms of weight
  11. Well it is much larger than the Medium/Large Flap so it is heavier. But I agree w/ everyone, that for it's size, it really isn't very heavy at all. Guess it depends on how much you stuff it. Overall the bag & handles are fairly light.
  12. The GST was one of my first bags. The first week I had it, I thought it was heavy. I even posted a thread asking if anyone else thought their GST was heavy. Now, 5 chanel bags later, my GST doesn't seem heavy at all. I think that Chanel's in general, if you aren't use to carrying them seem a bit heavier at first just because of the chain/structure of the bags.
  13. i have a botkier that i rarely ever use becuase of the weight, w/o having anything in it, it's quite heavy for my comfort level. and what you said is exactly what i was thinking, becuase of the structure and the chain, i was worried that i may end up finding it heavy and end up not using it
  14. the GST isn't heavy when it is empty. If you aren't use to carrying Chanel bags, once you get your stuff in the GST it will seem a bit heavy until you get use to carrying it. If you've carried other Chanels, it probably won't seem heavy at all.
  15. one other pro about the GST.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the small outer pocket. It's great for keys and a cell. (slim cell)