Heavily distressed?

  1. Hi. What does heavily distressed means? Aloha Rag still has Grenat, but Jumpei said that the remaining bags are heavily distressed. Is it still worth buying? What do you guys think?
  2. you could ask for them to send you a pic, i believe they do this
  3. The distressed bags have more veins in them initially. The non-distressed bags usually have smooth, more matte leather. Something to consider is that the distressing usually smooths out with use. Also, leather conditioners can smooth the "veiny" look, as well. If they have a color you really want, it would not be a bad purchase.

    My Origan City is more distressed than my other bags. It has gotten smoother over time and with use. It looks more rock-star, to me.
  4. You've both been helpful. Thanks! I will definitely consider this. I love the rock-star look.:smile: