1. Has anyone ordered from them before? I would like reviews of the website if you have because I want to order a jade pendant from them. I saw this particular pendant at Zales and it was very pretty. However, I knew the zales clerk was selling it overpriced. They say it was worth $785 and that it had 40% off with an extra 15% off which made it $400 dollars. I knew he was trying to rip me off. I have never ever seen jade $700 dollars ever. Anyways, I found the same pendant at heavenlytreasures.com for $200. So has anyone ordered from them and what was your experience like. THanks!
  2. I have ordered from Heavenly Treasures a LONG time ago. I used to order the Zoppini Italian charms from them. Never had a bit of trouble.
    The only thing I really don't like is their catalog; they must use a weird filter because everything is so bright!
    There are varying qualities of jade. The very best, imperial jade, can cost more than diamonds!
    I hope you post pics of your pendant when you get it!
  3. Thanks for replying! I just read about imperial jade. It is interesting to see that it can cost more than diamonds. I just have never seen such prices. I guess because the only jade pieces that I come in contact with are like little designs like elephants, circles, and others. I think I may order this pendant from heavenly treasures.