heavenly white city bbag! BIN 1269

  1. WOW another white! It's beautifuly, but unfortunately I'd dirty before anything :shame:
  2. is white hard to find?
  3. :graucho: i think so... coz it's hardly on eBay.. i'll b so paranoid if i bring her out! :sweatdrop:
  4. I thought white was pretty easy to find since they made it every season. I wouldn't pay more than retail for this, personally.
  5. Yeah, way too high for white. Not that I'll be surprised if it sells but it's not exactly rare or a good deal.
  6. I just don't get why people expect to get more than retail for these ones that you can still buy in stores. It is much riskier buying on eBay. Why on earth would anyone pay MORE to do it?
  7. I think they count on someone getting trigger happy, or becoming really desperate for that particular colour as they cant find it anywhere else...

    But WHITE? I can understand why someone would bid higher than retail on a colour that was discontinued, but as you said - white is always being produced, as is black!
  8. I find that this seller quite typically marks up her bags above retail, however, despite this, they usually get sold! maybe just good presentation or a good reputation?