Heavenli's Bag Showcase

  1. Hi everyone :yes:

    I am a big fan of this website:heart: :heart:
    and I thought it was about time to show my bags...
    I love collecting unique designer handbags..
    Some bags arent by designers but are one of a kind..

    As long as I :heart: :heart: :heart: the bag, I HAVE to get it lol :nuts:

    Anyways hope you all like my small collection;)
    DSC02024.JPG DSC02025.JPG DSC02026.JPG
  2. pretty, pretty bags!
  3. Wow! great collection! You have sme hip funky ones! I especially like the Dior, Fendi and Chloe!
  4. Great collection!
  5. WOW!! very nice- thanks for sharing!!
  6. Thanks all :smile:
  7. First - WELCOME to tPF!!!:flowers:

    Second - Your collection is AWESOME!!! LOVE the stam (the color is TO DIE FOR)! And what is the name of the GORGEOUS blue bag in the very front (in the first pic)?
  8. I love the variety of bags you have. :yes:
  9. Very pretty bags- love your perfo speedy
  10. nice collection!
  11. very nice collection. thanks for sharing.:smile:

  12. Thanks :yes:

    If you mean the blue jeans bag, then thats a bag designed by my mother. She sells handmade handbags accessorized with swarovski Crystals.
    The red bag with blue frills and the black with crystals also by her.

  13. thanks thats one of my very fav bags:heart:
  14. will update soon
  15. The color of your MJ Stam is gorgeous!