Heaven is for Real

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  1. Fabulous movie for Easter weekend; fabulous movie for any weekend :cloud9:
  2. I believe it all.
  3. So u saw the movie? The best part is when a parishioner asked the preacher father if Cody saw heaven. The preacher said, "What Cody saw was what he was ALLOWED to see". I thought yea, that makes allot sense.
  4. Thought they did a good job with this movie - offered many different views of how/why a 4 yr old would experience this. Kid came back from his real visit with amazing details of his float over and time with passed away family members. Greg Kinnear is SO intense too.
  5. I read the book about 2 years ago. It is truly a beautiful book and makes you wonder about what happens aftrr death.
  6. I"M reading the book now, really good.
  7. the little boy who played Cody? I mean could he not look more like the real son at that age? Down to the physical built..