Heaven, I'm in Heaven!!

  1. After being in serious lust over this beauty when I first saw her on Net-a-Porter this summer, I finally scored one! This is my first Miu Miu of any sort, so definitely my first Coffer and am I ever in LOVE! :love:

    I'd never even seen a Miu Miu live and in person because for whatever reason, our NM doesn't carry them. When this arrived today and I touched the luscious lambskin and felt my heart pound while staring at the GORGEOUS PERFECT RED (matches my car too, hee hee), I knew I had died and gone to handbag heaven.

    Without further gushing, here she is!!! :yahoo:

    Obviously, my little ham Gracie got into the shots to show her approval. ;)


    miumiured5gracie.jpg miumiured3.jpg miumiured.jpg miumiured4.jpg miumiured2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!

    (P.S. - I answered from my iPhone - just got it yesterday - woo hoo!)
  3. Wow!! It's beautiful and i love the colour.
  4. Gorgeous bag - I love the red!
  5. Thanks guys! I wish the you could see the red IRL. The flash just kills the color. It is the absolute PERFECT shade of lipstick red. Not a smidgeon of orange or purple. Just pure sexy lipstick red. :winkiss:
  6. PP, this Coffer is too pretty! You always picked the best ones. BTW, your dog is so cute!!! Is he/she the same breed as Sam?
  7. Thanks HandbagAngel! :tender:

    No, Gracie is a Sheltie mix. Sam was mostly Australian Shepherd. Funny aside, when we got Gracie our vet took one look at her and dubbed her "Mini Me" since she looks so much like Sam. We call Gracie Sam's little sister. It works. ;)
  8. That is so pretty! I'm glad you finally found your perfect red bag!
  9. The bag is lovely but is it wrong that I love your dog more, he is unbelievably cute, though he looks mean in that pic, like he's guarding your precious new bag :p

    Congrats on the 1st Miu Miu, the coffer is really the only style of theirs I've really loved and to me the pleating and the leather is much nicer on it than the Gauffre.
  10. Thanks, Audrey! Never having touched a Coffer before today, I not only didn't know how soft they are, oh dopey me, I didn't know they were LAMBSKIN!!! Yummy!!! Oh, Gracie said to tell you thank you also and that she's a little girl, though. :cutesy:

    Hey, Tami!! Nice to see you back over here!! And thanks. Yeppers, this Coffer has the red Prada doctor's bag I had (and sold) beat all to heck!!! LOVES!!!:love:
  11. Oops, please apologise to Gracie for me, I just assume all dogs are boys :shame:
  12. Love that color!!
    ANd LOVE your doggie!!!too adorable!
  13. gorgeous, I miss my coffer now!!! Looks great on you!
  14. Thanks again, everyone.

    I know one thing for certain, that sweater has GOT to go. That sucker adds 20 pounds on me! :push:
  15. i love the coffer!!! and in red is TDF!!! congrats!!!