heatwave in the Southeast - how's everyone doing?

  1. It's always hot here in August, naturally, but it has been ABNORMALLY hot for the past week, in Atlanta and across the South. Atlanta posted it's first official 100 degree temperature in 7 years a few days ago (the suburbs and other parts of the state always hit 100 during the summer, but for some reason, the city doesn't usually), and the high in Athens today was 105 with a heat index WAY above that.

    i know it gets this hot in the southwest regularly, but we have something they don't have - HUMIDITY. it's so humid here than you can literally feel the air SITTING on you outside. walking from inside to outside is like hitting a wall of air. you can feel it.

    i sell appliances, and in the past few days, we've had a run on window air conditioners and extra basement fridges because its so hot that they're frying in people's homes, it's too hot for them to operate. i can't remember the last time that it was this bad, and i've lived in GA all my life!!!

    i don't even want to think about walking around campus when class starts next week, and i feel TERRIBLE for all the students and parents doing freshman move-in tomorrow to the dorms.

    so how are all my fellow southerners coping? it's literally so hot that i don't even want to leave the house to go to the grocery store...yesterday, at 11:30 PM, the heat index outside was 94.
  2. It is so damn hot here in New Orleans! Yesterday my brother was driving my car and pointed out that the thermometer in the car that shows outside temp was 100 degrees! And today I parked in a covered parking lot downtown at 9 a.m. and when I got out of my car I felt like I was going to suffocate!
  3. it's just....so....hot. when i got out of work today at 5:00, the temperature reading on my car thermometer was 115 degrees. it always reads a couple degrees hotter when you first get in the car than it really is, so it went down a little, but it stayed at about 108 all the way home, and usually it's pretty accurate.
  4. It's been 105 here the past few days. I have been staying indoors though, and no plans to get out in the heat. But it's brutal getting into my car after it's been sitting in the parking all day at work. My cheeks get flushed and tingly.
  5. My DH and I went out on our jet ski's today and were dying even on the water. The water feels like a bathtub so it isnt much help either. Its just miserable here in FL :sweatdrop:
  6. just staying indoors with the central a/c. moving my freshman into ga tech next thursday. hope it's cooler then but i doubt it....
  7. Im in FL and my A/C died 2 weeks ago....forced to buy a brand new system, so I'm ready !!!!!
  8. Well I'm not in the South, but am in the Midwest (Indiana) and we've been getting pretty hot too for this tme of year. We've been mid-90s with so much humidity.
    And I admit...I lived in California valley where it would regularly hit 110s and complained...and I'll take that back any day!!! I want dry heat!!!
  9. the weather out her in NYC has been a bit crazy!! it rained 5 inches of rain (within 1 hour) on Wed which flooded the city and halted the trains, and a tornado touched down the same day in Brooklyn with winds of 130 miles per hour. Friday's temperature went down to as low as 59 degrees which is really cold this time of the year and TODAY, its 83 degrees sunny and breezy :yahoo:i'm glad its nice outside today!!
  10. Yeah, I'm in Dallas,Tx...and it's going to be in the 100s all weekend..doesn't help matters that I'll be attending a soccer game in this heat today. Oh joy for August..
  11. Ugghh.. where I am it is so freaking HOT and it feels like a sauna outside!! And it usually never feels this bad in the summer.....it's so hot that I don't even feel like sunbathing outside since I get drenched with sweat in the first 10 minutes!!
  12. I'm in Alabama and the heat index has been around 107-110 for the past week. I have to walk from the parking deck to the building I work in, and for five minutes, it literally feels like I'm walking through hell. It's so friggin' hot! I just don't remember the summers being this hot, say, 10 years ago. WTF is going on with this heat?!?!