1. I want to get my LV heatstamped when I finally get it. My question, though, is would they be able to do four letters if the area the heatstamp was going on was big enough? Because I don't like my initials, and I'd rather put my name (Elli).
  2. I think they might be able to, I seem to remember Irissy getting 'Iris' put on her papillon strap (correct me if I'm wrong, and hope you don't mind me using you as a case study!!!:p )
  3. Which item are you planning on getting heat stamped if you don't mind me asking?
  4. It depends on the bag and the requested location on the bag that you want stamped.
  5. The Pochette Accesoires, on the strap. That would work, right?
  6. I think that strap is too narrow to heatstamp.
  7. I was told they can only do 3 but I have seen 4 like GeorgesLV mentioned. I'm not trying to scare you but please think about it carefully I have read quite a few stories on here of when the heatstamping didn't work out like the person hoped
  8. Really? :sad:
  9. ^ I think so - I have never seen the pochette strap heatstamped before.
  10. I think it would be nice if they can squeeze 4 letters in for you.
  11. I agree. Actually, I think it's impossible to stamp it there cuz the smallest size/font for heatstamping is about the same size as the width of the strap, and also not to mention the 2 grooves on the strap. The leather must be a thick piece and completely smooth.
    If you REALLY want to get it heatstamped you might wanna try getting it done on the zipper flap where it says the country of fabrication
  12. Sorry, but I agree that it's too narrow. You can always call and ask!
  13. Where do you g uys get the heatstamp done? at LV? how much is it?? thx
  14. it's free and it could take forever:cursing: if the store doesn't have a machine and it's shipped out...
  15. That's a great idea off you! Never thought of heatstamping a pochette. Now I want to have mine done! the leather tab would be great too (My name is Ann so that would work out)