Heatstamping key cover..

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  1. I want to heatstamp the back of my key cover of my MC speedy but the SA at the store said that it was too small to fit into the machine :cry: However, I know some of you girls have gotten it done on your purse. Which store did you go to get it done?
  2. I had mine done at LV, Short Hills mall, NJ.
  3. I hope that you can find a place that will, I think that would be a beautiful spot for it!
  4. That's a great idea! Have you tried calling the 866 number and asking them? Maybe if you tell your SA that the customer service line told you that it's possible, she/he will reconsider. Good luck
  5. ^^ Good idea! I always thought all the machines were the same, so it's weird how some machines can fit the key cover and others can't
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