Heatstamping - how long does it take???

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  1. I bought another keepall two weeks ago and asked them to heatstamp the luggage tag. The manager said they would mail it to me. I may be jumping the gun a bit but I am just wondering if anyone else has had LV heatstamp something and mail to you? If so about how long did it take?? I am getting kind of anxious!
  2. Well the actual physical task of the stamping takes all of two minutes, but I guess it depends on when they have the right person in to do the stamping and if your store does it or whether it needs to be sent off.
  3. well i just got my mc speedy heat stamped and mailed to me. the problem wasn't the time it took heat stamping but the person in charge of it was off for a few days so it took longer than expected. so although my bag was there on a wednesday, the HS guy wasn't around to HS until the following monday. right after HS, they shipped it off that day and i got it on a wednesday i believe and this is intrastate from northern calif to southern calif via fedex ground.
  4. I had purchased it Saturday before last and she said that it would be done on Monday and then mailed out... maybe they are just taking their time or I am too impatient! I may call tomorrow just to inquire about it.
  5. i would call to follow up because it's always good to know where it's at. although LV can't give you tracking info, they can give you approx date of arrival. hope you get it soon!
  6. Hmmm... maybe she was just estimating and there were a few items in front of your that still need to be heat stamped? I think it'd be best for you to call tomorrow just to check up on it. :tup:
  7. My store has to send theirs to another city, not only that, they switched bags on me.
  8. I had mine done at 57th/5th and it took almost two weeks. I was told that it would take two to three business days plus transit time, but did not receive it after a whole week and a day, so I called, they said it's delayed due to Mother's Day (I guess everyone has their gift heatstamped:rolleyes:), a couple of more days later I finally received it.

    In any case, I too think it's better that you call them to find out the status.:yes:
  9. Hmmm...my SA in Boston told me I could bring my luggage tags in anytime for HSing. She didn't mention needing to leave them there...she said it doesn't take but a few minutes. I guess I should call ahead and make sure the person in charge of the HS is even there before I go.