Heatstamping an agenda?

  1. I went to the LV store at Short Hills yesterday and was told that they don't heatstamp agendas. I'm confused...I know many people here have their agendas heatstamped. They said that the machine they use uses too much pressure and that it might damage the agenda. Wouldn't they use the same kind of machine in all the LV stores? Does anyone know where I can take my agenda to get it heatstamped in NJ? The LV store at Garden State Plaza sends their things to Short Hills so they wouldn't be able to do an agenda either...I really want my agenda heatstamped.
  2. it really depends on the store and what they allow. you might want to come into the city and have it done here since they do it at the 5th ave store
  3. That is indeed strange - what type of agenda do you have? Mono?
  4. The only thing that they insisted I didn't get heat stamped was my Panda Cles because the pressure of the heat stamp might go through to the other side, but I told them to go ahead and do it, which it came out fine after all.

    I don't know why they're not letting you heat stamp your agenda? :shrugs:
  5. Yeah, I thought it was strange, too. I have a red vernis agenda, but they didn't even ask me what kind of agenda I have, just that they couldn't do it.
  6. thanks, i think i'll do that. maybe they'll do it there.
  7. I would ask to talk to the manager and ask them. I'm thinking they would know a bit more than a regular SA.. :s
  8. It really does depend on the store and who you talk to. I've called 3 boutiques in Hawaii and they'll only heatstamp smaller items like wallets, luggage tags and agendas. They won't heatstamp handbags or Vernis.

    Try calling around to different stores.
  9. I was going to suggest the store in Garden State Plaza. What about the store in Riverside Square?
  10. I called 800-Vuitton yesterday, the rep spoke to the manager at Short Hills, and she told me the same thing. She also said that the LV store @ Garden State Plaza sends their things to Short Hills to get heatstamped, so I'm sure it would be the same answer. I'll try Riverside...

  11. my store said mat, glace and vernis could not be heatstamped!

    i had just bought my glace multicles and could NOT wait to get it stamped! they burst my bubble hard.
  12. i was going to say= i bet there;s no way anyone will heatstamp vernis. it might melt!