Heatstamped and Happy

  1. :yahoo:I finally got my wallets heatstamped and they are beautiful!! Here they are...

    First up: My damier koala...
    koala.jpg koalai.jpg
  2. And now, my azur wallet:p...
    azur.jpg azuri.jpg
  3. how pretty!!!

    congrats! =D
  4. congrats!
  5. Followed by my MC porte-monnaie billets viennois:tender:..this one's my favorite...:heart:
    mc1.jpg mc1i.jpg
  6. awww, the Hawaii heatstamp!!! Lovely!!
  7. pretty!! love that little flower that they put in in HI
  8. And finally...my MC porte-monnaie plat...my first LV wallet ever:yes:
    mc2.jpg mc2i.jpg
  9. woah! that looks awesome! you have a lot of wallets! lol
  10. Your heatstamping looks amazing!!! Congratulations!!
  11. Looks fantastic! I wanna get that done too now!
  12. :shrugs: Purse ban? What purse ban?:roflmfao:
  13. Very nicely done. I love the hawaii stamp. I wonder if they have one for every state?
  14. Awww, the plat, my favourite!!! Congrats on your lovely wallets!!
  15. ^^If LV would ever have heatstamping from every state, I would probably be one of those nuts that would want a piece from each state:p Just like collecting those state quarters huh:p