Heatstamp ultimate question... 1 initial, 2 or 3 initials for the heatstamp ?

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  1. I prefer three without dots !
  2. I prefer 3 with no dots. If there's not enough room then 2 would be fine.
  3. One!

    Two no dots if I must (like in mon monogram)
  4. Three...without dots!
  5. One initial on my luggage tag (my only hot stamped item so far). I think I would choose three for a wallet and mon mono bags
  6. All 3 for me! I don't like how my first and last spell a word lol. I prefer without dots for heat stamp and with dots for mon monogram
  7. I love my full initials and it means "bag" in different languages so even better. I never use dots. This was my first heatstamped item although I have some Mon Mono too. :tup:

  8. I usually do my entire first name dot last name initial. It's the inside of my wallet anyway so I have better things to worry about if they get a hold of from my wallet than catching my name. But when I want it simple, 2 initials with dot.
  9. May I ask why not? just curious
  10. I have two initials stamped on my Pocket Organizer, Monogram Billfold, Epi Agenda PM, and my large Damier Ebene luggage tag. I have one initial stamped on my small vachetta luggage tag.

    It just depends on what you think looks nice in store.

    Best regards,
  11. Sure...I guess its just personal for me...I buy resale sometimes because I like so many discontinued items. I look for a piece in the best condition possible and having someone else's initials stamped into the leather isn't "good condition" to me.

    And I'll be honest, I don't want to open my discontinued wallet and have someone ask me what #.#.# (or whatever) stands for. It just wouldn't feel like mine. No one has to agree with me...that is simply how I feel. :smile:
  12. I like 3 with no dots ... One is alright too ! I only have a bag charm HS and I did 3 with no dots !
  13. When I was unmarried, I liked 2 initials because my first/last were the first 2 letters of the alphabet.

    It still works for me because my DH's first name is the 2nd letter of the alphabet but I'm contemplating adding on a third. DS's is the 3rd letter of the alphabet-- I swear we didn't plan it that way! haha
  14. I prefer 3 initials with no dots..
    I don't worry about the resale because I do not sell my bags and I don't buy preloved...my bags are MINE
  15. After reading the PERSONALIZED/ MON MONOGRAM CLUB thread I no longer assume that the letters automatically stand for the owner's initials. Some even use the initials of their beloved pets combined together! :cool:

    I personally think that the best number of initials to be used depends on the look of the combination.