Heatstamp ultimate question... 1 initial, 2 or 3 initials for the heatstamp ?

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  1. So.... the ultimate question.... do you prefer 1 initial, 2 or 3 letters for the initial ?

    Is it weird that sometimes,.... I don't want people to know my full first and last name..... so I just want 1 initial ?
    But... I really like the look of all 3 initials....

    what should I do ????

    What do YOU like ?

    For privacy reasons.... is it weird to monogram ? Like if you don't want people to know your full name ?
  2. I love my full initials. All three! I have them on my wallets, my mom mono NF, and my Hawaii luggage tag!
  3. I always do three initials, just because my first name is only three letters :P

    You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable!

    I don't think it's weird to monogram, I don't think people can find out your full name with just your initials.
  4. odd man out, i always thought just your first initial was really cute and classy.

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  5. I have all 3 initials on my wallets, but I only do 1 initial on luggage tags and bags like the mini pochette.
  6. It really depends on the size of the item being hot-stamped. I had my whole name stamped on one of my wallets, have only my first initial on a pochette, but have all three on a luggage tag...I clearly have commitment issues:P
  7. Since my first and last name start with the same letter (boring!), I prefer the traditional three letter monogram. It will never go out of style! I wouldn't worry about privacy issues...if they don't know you they will never guess your name, and if they do know you they probably already know your full name.

    I find it interesting how LV puts periods behind the first two initials but not the third. Maybe it's a French custom??
  8. i don't personally like a single initial or full names. I think 3 initials, or 2 if you don't have a middle name, is the way to go
  9. I prefer two initials without dots.
  10. I prefer one initial. When doing 3 initials, I prefer it without dots.
  11. Agreed! And unless all 3 letters make some sense (FAB for Fabiana or CAT for Cathy), I always find 3 initials very random but of course they could mean the world to the wearer! :smile:
  12. I have one initial on my tag and I like the look of it!
  13. I prefer three initials without dots on my handbags and small leather goods. But for all my mon monogram items (bags and wallet)I prefer three initials with the dots.
  14. I prefer one, for my first name. I love my dh and I'm not about to insult him by using my maiden initials, and with the divorce rate today I'm not about to tempt fate with my married initials. Call me superstitious. Easier to sell a piece with only one letter as well.

    Personally, I've never gotten anything hot stamped other than one luggage tag. Its a brilliant tactic by LV to hit the resale market and I do purchase off the resale market from time to time. Even though I have seen some good deals on hot-stamped items, I would personally never buy one.
  15. That's a very practical POV on stamping :P

    And completely agreed with LV hitting the resale market this way... No wonder they do it free of cost!