Heathrow T3 or T5?

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  1. Hello I only ever visited Hermes store at T3 and it was fab so many choices although again ladies, no birkins nor kellys!! But I wonder if Hermes at T5 is better? Or is it at T4?? If better maybe next time I'll fly via T5 instead.

    Any feedback?

  2. They are at T3 and T4 not T5. I've only been to the one at T3 and it was pretty well stocked.

    I doubt you will ever see a Birkin or Kelly at a UK airport as there is just waaaaay too much demand for them at stores
  3. I was in T4 this past August & the store was closed:sad: There was no sign saying why it was closed or if/when it would reopen...
  4. I thought T4 Hermes had closed down permanently, as far as I am aware there is only H in T3.
  5. T4 is closed.
    The only left is T3.
  6. That would make sense as to why when I called the T4 one, still on the H website BTW, some other name was said when the person answered
  7. I'm still hoping they'll open a new boutique in T5. Now that BA isn't in t3 anymore, I don't have a chance to visit anymore. boohoo...:sad:
  8. I was told that they will only have a store in T3, which might have to do with that there are less european flights and no domestic flights from T3 than T5. Since H is the only store at Heathrow that is alowed to have different prices for people flying inside and outside the EU.
  9. Could you please let me know what to expect from the airport store? i'm flying from T3 next week and am looking forward to buy something from there!
  10. It may be easier if you say what you are after.

    You can get scarves, shawls, twilly's, GP's etc
  11. FWIW the T4 store was very small and seemed to have an emphasis mostly on scarves from my experience.
  12. Yes, there is no T5 store.

  13. You can also call them and enquire. I've done that every time I've flown through and they were very obliging and also held inventory for me for a day. :yes:
  14. If you would like to know what they have call my experience is that they are very good at putting things asside for you if you tell them what you want (if they have it) and when you are flying. If I remember correctly they get shippments Thursday afternoons so hopefully they have opend the boxes and got new things on the shelf on Friday midday
  15. Definitely T3 the older woman with grey hair knows the most about everything. Very Knowledgeable and nice and efficient. the other lady was sort of a idiot. They told me they never get Birkins. but they did have leather Garden Parties and Bombay in VL Gold and Evelyns lots of Scarfs and Bracelets. I really got a great deal since the pound was low based on the dollar. plus not VAT! YAY