Heather Moore

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  1. Does anyone have a Heather Moore necklace, or any other Heather Moore pieces? I'd love to see them if you do!
  2. I do! I'll have to post some pics. I think it's cool but in all candor, pretty pricey for what it is. I bought my initial pieces and neve expanded beyond. And that was probably 7+ years ago before prices got even crazier.
  3. Thank you! I'd love to see pics! I did the exact same thing. About 7 years ago I purchased the gold chain and a beautiful Harriet Stone with intention of adding to the necklace, but I never have. It is very expensive and I'm not sure what I want. I happened upon a trunk show once, before I bought my items. I'd love to go to another trunk show for ideas, but there's nothing like that where I live. Please post when you can.
  4. Ok. I'm terrible at this but here goes! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460914498.093930.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460914517.537012.jpg
  5. It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing pictures. My chain is gold as well and I have a pink sapphire Harriett stone. I want to add a charm or two, but can't yet decide which direction to go. I'd love to have the opportunity to attend another trunk show for ideas and advice. Yours looks very nice on you!
  6. The trunk shows are the best! You definitely get to see lots of pieces in person at once. I found looking at the book to be overwhelming. I love the pieces I have but I'm not interested in adding. I would love to see your collection too!