Heather Mills Maybe A Bi**ch But She Did Not Deserve This !!

  1. Rock star audience cheers Ross as he jokes about McCartney's estranged wife

    30th October 2006

    [​IMG] Jonathan Ross launched a scathing attack on Heather Mills at the Q Awards

    Jonathan Ross received roars of approval from a celebrity audience as he launched a characteristic rant - this time about Heather Mills. The outspoken BBC presenter described Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife as a 'f***ing liar'. And he went on: 'I wouldn't be surprised if we found out she's actually got two legs.'

    His remarks went down a storm with the audience at the annual awards ceremony run in London by the music magazine Q.
    They included Noel Gallagher of Oasis, Bono of U2, The Who and Boy George, some of whom are friends of Sir Paul.

    A source close to the former Beatle said: 'There was a groundswell of support from everyone at the awards but Paul doesn't want this to turn into a slanging match. He doesn't want to get involved in all that.'
    Ross's attack on Heather angered John Pring, acting editor of Disability Now, who said the presenter was setting a 'bad example'.

    'There are so many offensive words out there,' he added. 'These jokes at the expense of disabled people upset a lot of people. 'If someone sees Jonathan Ross saying something like this they feel it's okay to repeat it then we hear it on the streets.'

    Ross went on to raise more laughs by targeting Madonna's controversial adoption of Malawian baby David Banda.
    'She's not the first star who spends millions rescuing a young boy from destitution and poverty - look what Robbie Williams has done for Jonathan Wilkes,' he said, referring to Williams's childhood friend who often sings alongside him in concert.

    Ross, who is paid £6million a year by the BBC, recently provoked more than 250 complaints after asking David Cameron whether he had fantasised about Margaret Thatcher as a boy
    . He has been cleared by the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom of using vulgar language and being disrespectful during his TV chatshow which was broadcast in June. Last year the decision to award Ross an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours was described as a 'disgrace' by broadcasting watchdogs.
  2. He really speaks what he feels...
  3. I am not the biggest fan of Mills (even though I am starting to feel that there is some truth to her allegations) but those comments were totally uncalled for.:sad:
  4. Yes, for one thing it concerns only the two people involved. For another, attacking a person's disability just shows a lack of creativity as a comedian and is really a lazy man's attempt at "humor"
  5. That is sick--exploiting the divorce to get laughs. Ugh.
  6. Couldn't have said it better
  7. Its just the way Johnathon Ross is! He meant no malace in it, he just says things that sound hilarious when he says it, but probably seem sicker when read back.

    I love Rossy, and do not think his comments should have been taken as anything over than jest ;)
  8. OMG that is soo mean
  9. i agree :confused1:
  10. He's usually a funny man, but I think he's gone too far this time.

    I agree with the acting editor of Disability Now's statement:

  11. She deserves whatever meanness comes her way. When she started dragging Linda's name into this mess, that when I felt she deserves whatever nastiness comes at her. Heater's a vile piece of dirt and should be treated as such.
  12. ^ Wow, that's a lot of hate for a woman you don't personally know.
  13. Well honestly, if the guy said some nasty things about President Bush, nobody would raise an eyebrow. :lol: Heather's a public figure, fair game, if she can't deal with it maybe she should have thought twice about marrying a major celebrity. :idea:
  14. Tell us how you really feel.:wtf:
  15. I don't like HM but that comment was horrible!