Heather Mills makes domestic violence allegations

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    Times Online

    October 18, 2006
    McCartney to rebuff violence claims as divorce turns nasty

    By Lech Mintowt-Czyz
    [​IMG] Sir Paul McCartney was tonight understood to be preparing a fierce defence of his character after newspaper reports detailed shocking allegations about his marriage to Heather Mills.

    The Daily Mail quoted leaked documents that it claimed had been lodged at court, allegedly prepared by Lady McCartney, which accused Sir Paul of attacking her, taking drugs and drinking heavily.

    The newspaper also published claims that the 64-year-old singer failed to make allowances for her disability. The former model lost a leg in a road accident in 1993.

    The development marked a new low in the divorce battle for the former Beatle's £825 million fortune.

    The papers described in The Daily Mail accuse Sir Paul of attacking his wife four times during their four-year marriage.

    Among a catalogue of claims, Lady McCartney is reported to allege that Sir Paul stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass, tried to choke her, forbade her from having an operation because it clashed with his holiday plans and called her an "ungrateful *****".

    Lady McCartney claimed that her husband was so dismissive to her disability that she was left to crawl to the lavatory and up to the stairs of an aircraft when no arrangements had been made to admit her wheelchair, the newspaper reported.

    The newspaper reported that when Lady McCartney realised that the marriage was "irretrievably broken down" in April this year, she was reduced to leaving the family home "crawling on her hands and knees while dragging her wheelchair, crutches and her personal possessions".
  2. Wow, those are some allegations! I wonder what else is going to happen! I never really liked her though!
  3. It's hard to say Impsola. I do know that I personally experienced abuse from a guy who was what you would call (on the outside) "a nice guy". It was extremely difficult to get help from ANYONE because he was manipulative and people just refused to believe someone so "nice" could be brutal. He was. So if indeed these allegations are true, imagine the challenge someone like Mills would face trying to convince others that this man, who in some people's minds has been elevated to Saint status, was behaving this way. Couldn't have been too pleasant. It might also explain why Paul has resorted to the smear campaign against her as well. To me, if indeed this is true, this situation is finally beginning to make sense.
  4. This is going to get interesting. But unfortunately for her, I'm sure his fans will side with him and not believe anything she says.
  5. wow!!! I really hope this is all made up. Nobody wants to believe Paul is capable of this, but wow, talk about some allegations.
  6. I think it would be pretty serious to make these kinds of allegations in sworn court documents if they are untrue... but who knows.
  7. I have no interest in either side but I wonder why she would have married such a man in the first place. I find it difficult to believe the arrogant behavior just appeared after they were married. Also, why didn't she bring it up before now?
  8. ^^ I totally agree with shoegal.. It will be really interesting to hear whats gonna happen!
  9. Well, I'm not a fan of his, and I definitely don't believe one word she says. She's got "Liar, liar, pants on fire written all over her.":P
  10. People say that a lot about women who are victims of domestic violence.

    I don't think it matters whether she's a nice person or not, either. If these allegations are true, it is never, EVER OK to be violent towards your partner.
  11. I find it absurd that nobody would come to the aid of a handicapped woman at the airport. That one is pretty hard to believe, & if all of the sevents hated her so much that they wouldn't lift a finger to help her& she had to drag her wheelchair, crutches & belongings[what? Is she an octopus??] when she left, then she must have been horrendous to them.
    Not buying much of her story.
  12. I have no idea what or who to believe. The allegations are horrible, if true. Sadly, most domestic violence situations occur without witnesses. Most people have probably made their minds up that Paul is the victim and Heather is at fault. It's all very sad, and I wish they both would think about their little daughter more as this ugly divorce proceeds.
  13. Some of the responses in this thread frankly SHOCK me. I guess people are more naive and uninformed about domestic violence than I realized.

    If there is a sudden and speedy resolution to this divorce - I think we'll have our answer.
  14. There's a lot of money involve and her image is questionable so she has to come up with something that's really big to taint his reputation with the public. If this is indeed true, then good for her, but if it's proven that it's all made up, then she's going to end up losing everything, including her daughter. :sad:
  15. I am not naive about domestic violence, there are some pretty bizzare claims in this story & I get angry when people use real & horrific crime to get a better settlement. The way she claims to have had to crawl up the steps & onto her private plane is unbelieveable, & that causes me to think she may have lied about other things as well.