Heather Mills:" I Need $20.000 A Day Just To Get By"

  1. 8th March 2007

    Heather Mills is demanding £10,000 a day as part of her bitter divorce pay-off from Sir Paul McCartney.

    The former model is considering a "high-speed" settlement with her estranged husband with a minimum cash payout of £3.5 million a year - for a total of at least £40 million.


    Heather Mills is considering a quickie divorce with a minimum cash payout of £3.5 million a year

    Mills, 39, has calculated the amount after drawing up a list of her annual cash commitments and says she needs the money to "get by".
    But Sir Paul looks set to reject the offer, claiming he is not worth as much as everyone thinks he is.

    One of the singer's friends said: "It's amazing. When you consider her humble beginnings, £10,000 a day is a phenomenal sum to cover her needs. It's as much as some Premiership footballers earn. Many people have to work a year for what she wants to bank in a day.
    "Heather is making extremely large demands considering the brevity of the marriage.

    "Paul wants to be as generous as possible but the trouble is his fortune has been grossly exaggerated."
    The 64-year-old former Beatle has argued that he is worth "considerably less" than the £825 million fortune he has been alleged to be possess. The couple's bitter divorce battle saw them to come face-to-face last week as they appeared three times in the High Court.
    It was hoped that they might split in a "quickie divorce" which would avoid both appearing in court, but the hearings could now drag on for months and possibly into next year.
    Leaked divorce papers showed Ms Mills claims that Sir Paul poured wine over her, stabbed her arm with a broken wine glass, pushed her over a coffee table and shoved her over into a bath when she was pregnant with their daughter Beatrice. Sir Paul has denied all the claims.
  2. Greedy Greedy Greedy...but more power to her if she can get it.
  3. Oh yes, she's greedy. I don't like her a bit and I wouldn't give her a dime! Why didn't the sign up a pre-nup? Sir Paul wasn't thinking or what?:shame:
  4. From Wikipedia: "Alfie Karmal as well as her former finace Christ Terrill (dumped by Heather after she had met Paul McCartney and only a few days before Heather Mills and Christ Terrill were supposed to get married) and Heather's father Mark Mills have all branded Heather Mills as a compulsive liar."

    Also, it seems kinda convenient that she dumped Terrill in the last minute for Paul. But hey, when you see the gravy train coming, you gotta hitch on!
  5. "I need $20 000 a day just to get by"?? That's so greedy! None of us have to spend $20 000 just to get by every day, and I don't think any of us are suffering.. Statements like that makes me emberassed on her behalf thinking about all the people in the world who only have $1 a day to get by on..
  6. Get a work Heather
  7. i think she is so disgusting. gready gready. millions of people get by this in world with less than $1 a day. ITs not like she made the money so therefore she should be spending 20.000 that a day. maybe she should sell her leg for money.
  8. :shocked: :shocked:
  9. This woman is truly pathetic. Okay, perhaps she should get something but she definitely does not deserve a huge chunk of Pauls money. I'd just be nice and give her 5 or 10 million if I were him and tell her to go! No more--that's it! I'm more than sure he will support his daughter and that is all that matters.

    I don't feel sorry for either of them. Men like Paul should know better. You should know that you are a man---a wealthy man and women like this are bound to come after you. So you NEED to have a prenup--even if you are head over hill and believe you married the perfect angel...when you are in this category..you always need a prenup.
  10. This woman is not only ugly on the outside.... :yucky:
  11. Very well said! :yes:
  12. :yes: I agree very greedy......
  13. Heather Mill:" I Need $20.000 A Day Just To Get By" !

    Pathetic woman. Get a job!!!
  14. Oh my gosh what a greedy person.
  15. I doubt she will get it. What she is asking for is so over the top and pure greed.