Heather Mills: Getting Ready To 'Spill The Beans'

  1. Mills threatens 'bombshell' Macca revelations

    26th September 2006

    [​IMG] Bitter showdown: Heather Mills threatens to drop a 'bombshell'

    Heather Mills' lawyers are preparing to fight tooth and nail in the divorce courts with a 'series of bombshell revelations' against Paul McCartney.
    Miss Mills's divorce lawyer Antony Julius, has compiled a file of serious claims Heather is making against Sir Paul which, say friends, are likely to become public at around the time of the divorce settlement.
    A friend of Heather's said yesterday that despite the air appearing to have cleared over the divorce, with reports of the pair heading towards a more amicable arrangement, nothing could be further from the truth.
    The friend said: "Heather has made a number of very serious allegations against Paul which are set to come out in court.
    "However, quite apart from that she feels that her character has been irrevocably damaged by a rash of stories which she is sure have been leaked out by Paul's side.
    "As the divorce settlement gets closer, she is fully planning to go public with some pretty serious claims about how Paul treated her during the marriage. There is some serious weight behind all of these allegations.
    "Heather has made records of a catalogue of incidents which have happened during the marriage. There's a lot to say on Heather's part but she is not prepared to go public with it at this stage. She has been told by Antony Julius to keep her head down and let things take their legal course.
    "It's bombshell stuff - every one of these allegations would be front page news. Rest assured, if all goes to plan, what has happened in this marriage will not remain secret. The allegations will see the light of day.
    "Heather will not want to go down in history as Evil Heather - the bad guy in this marriage."
    The source continued: "Heather feels that she has been struggling against the might of Team Macca since the break-up in May.
    "She feels that Paul's side has been constantly dripping out stories that she has been offered £30 million - then £40 million - and turned those offers down.
    "The truth is that there has been no offer at all as yet. She has £1 million from a bank account from the sale of a flat in London and that is it. In fact the figure is closer to £700,000.
    "There has been a lot of innuendo to make her look very bad. For that reason, Heather is not going to be happy to go down in history without letting this all out."
    The friend added: "Heather said to me this week that nearer the time (of the divorce being finalised) the true story of her marriage will see the light of day. There are some really explosive revelations about Paul.
    "However until now - on the advice of her lawyers - she has been very careful to tell no one about these details."
    The friend concluded: "Antony Julius is concerned that stories leaking out may make the judge think either side are trying to influence the hearing by putting pressure on the judge.
    "Once things come nearer to the date, revelations will start to emerge. The one thing Heather is concerned about as the date of the final divorce agreement is reached is that she will look like the bad apple here."
    To that end, Miss Mills' team are understood to be looking into how stories may have leaked out from her camp.
    A source said: "There is somebody who has leaked the information to a specific paparazzi agency and a specific national paper who keeps getting pictures over and again of Heather picking up Beatrice.
    "I think it may be a security guard or perhaps a nanny. I cannot imagine anyone else would know about the handover of a baby in America and Sussex.
    "Also news of the divorce leaking out was something that came after divorce papers were left around the house. The only people around the house are the security guards and the nanny.
    "The nanny they have know for years and years and they trust with their lives. But we have no way of proving anything."
    A divorce settlement to carve up McCartney's £850 million fortune does not look imminent. As another source explained: "The lawyers are currently going back and forward and coming to an agreement may take a day and may take a year.
    "There is no timetable on this. And of course, the lawyers will not be trying to hurry things through - lawyers get paid for their time."
    A key part of evidence Julius is understood to be relying on is the so-called 'Maccagate' tape containing a bugged telephone conversation between Sir Paul and his daughter Stella, a fashion designer, at his estate in Peasmarsh, east Sussex.
    A friend said: "The tape is a recording of Paul talking to Stella in the thick of the bitter break-up.
    It is pretty explicit stuff - the pair of them speaking unguardedly about their true feelings for Heather. On the tape, Paul is understood to be consoling Stella about Heather's claim to the family's money and to the custody of little Beatrice.
    "The fact that this tape fell into Heather's hands has been very unfortunate for Paul - and is bound to cost him dear. Heather's lawyers will certainly be able to use it as a bargaining tool." Numerous stories have circulated surrounding Heather since the break-up. Hardest-hitting have been those detailing her colourful upbringing and murky past in the world of vice and soft-porn - admittedly before she even met Sir Paul.
  2. More Mill Drama

    The shameful past of Heather Mills came back to haunt her again on the weekend - when she was refused entry to a supermarket where she shoplifted as a teenager.
    According to The Sun newspaper, Sir Paul McCartney's estranged wife was told by a member of staff at the Sainsbury’s store in her hometown: "Excuse me, Heather, you know you're not allowed in there, you know the situation."
    Despite her protests the ex-model was not allowed into the shopping centre in Washington, Tyne and Wear, where she had stopped off with a bodyguard.
    Heather, 38, whose alleged past as an escort girl was exposed earlier this year, told the staff member: "For Christ's sake, that was ten years ago. Do you really think I'm going to shoplift now? I've moved on from there."
    In her autobiography Out On A Limb, Heather admitted how she stole supermarket food as a young child. She wrote: "By ten I was an old hand. Pinching food was really quite easy I discovered."
    But Sainsbury's bosses have said Heather was not banned from any of their stores and was welcome at any time. A spokesperson said: "We can confirm Heather Mills McCartney would be most welcome to shop in any of our stores."
  3. To be honest I never liked Heather...and I was really disappointed when Paul married her...

    I am not happy about the divorce because they have a child. I hope that they will both think of the little girl before they rip each other to shreds..
  4. What on earth could the "bombshell" be?
  5. I try to be open-minded, but that woman just makes me ill. If Paul had only listened to his children and considered their misgivings about Heather. If it was just one thing in her past, I'd say it was just the London tabloids at it again, but there are so many unsavory things in her past-ugh.
  6. I really dislike these situations.
  7. I don't like that woman one bit and Ithink Paul was too blinded by love and the need to be loved to get into that relationship.
  8. oh wow, she seems to make this into a huge publicity stunt. "she doesnt want to go down in hisory like this" she seems very concerned about her overall image, as with most celebs.

    however, this is a divorce, and a sensitive time for all parties, especially their daughter. why would u want to publicize this even further to the media. IMHO, they are already living a high profile VERY public life. why one would want to further than is beyond me.
  9. She seems like a huge C U Next Tuesday.

    He's filthy rich, can't he just pay to have her disappear?
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. This is ugly stuff - but Heather Mills is an enormously dislikable woman.

  12. ITA. I can't stand her. I think she is very classless and a gold digger.:yucky:
  13. gosh, this is gonna be ugly.. why can't it just be private.. you know, marriage life, is between two ppl.. yeah, even after the divorce....
  14. Oh Heather, leave Paul alone. She is going to have such trouble holding her head high after this mess.
  15. You know how I love you, Paul. Sorry I can't help...