Heather Mills Dating Her Personal Trainer ? *Pics*

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    Not many personal trainers get to accompany their boss in first-class luxury when they cross the Atlantic. But then not many fit young men work for Heather Mills.

    Ben Amigoni, 24, has hardly left Heather's side since she launched her bitter battle for a slice of Sir Paul McCartney's £825 million fortune.

    He joined her in the £4,000 seat to Los Angeles, apparently confirming that Sir Paul is still paying his 38-year-old wife a more than generous allowance.
    And when they landed, he sat in the front as she drove them away from the airport in her car.

    Friends claim the pair have struck up a close relationship since he joined her staff two months ago. They became friends during one-on-one sessions at the Hilden Health Club in Rye, near Sir Paul's East Sussex home.

    It is not the first time Mr Amigoni has enjoyed the trappings of first-class travel - but on previous visits to LA with his new boss insiders say he was introduced as one of her bodyguards.

    Sources claim last time they flew together he was deliberately not checked in with Ms Mills as part of her entourage.
    At Heathrow Ms Mills - who stands to make £200million in the costly divorce settlement with the ex-Beatle - was seemingly travelling alone, but by the time she arrived in LA she was accompanied by Mr Amigoni.
  2. But more importantly.... who made her dress????

    I love it!
  3. That poor woman has been dragged through the mill by the media, I hope she finds some happiness and support from someone asap and this time at least she won't be labelled a gold-digger just for falling in love with someone who has more money than many small developing nations.... </rant>:P

  4. Dang, she looks like an angry person!
  5. ^^ lol
  6. Well, she fell in love with someone who many women would consider a catch (albeit, OLD LOL!) and then when it ended - and how many of US gals are still with our first ever squeeze? - she got every misdemeanour and mistake she ever made dragged out by the press, and Mr "I woz a Beatle" walked away wearing the martyr's crown.

    Mr McSaintly who presumably never did anything with groupies ever, oh no, only the sainted Linda ever got his lovin'.... yeah right.:graucho:

    Imagine losing your leg and still finding a man who also finds YOU, attractive. She must have been so pleased, so happy and hopeful. :sad:

    Hell, I don't even like her that much but I'm angry for her, she tried to do some good things for disadvantaged kids but Mr McC wears such a halo (despite the fact that if he donated his entire income to, say, AIDS relief in Africa he'd save beaucoup lives - but he DOESN'T) still wears the saintly crown.

    Don't get me wrong - I'm not some mad commie thinking anyone should give everything to the "poor."

    I'm not about to do that nor get on anyone's case for whatever they do or don't choose to do that way, with their own funds. But my point is she was bashed unfairly, based on the idea Sir Paul is some kind of angelic whatever. :cursing:

    So, to see him sitting pretty as a saintly suffering rock god (I never liked the Beatles - prefer The Kinks and The Who :P ) while she takes a pounding for falling in love - that sucks. He's a dirty old git, next time he should pick on someone his own age I SAY!:P :P :P

    Cx <shrugs> :smile:
  7. heather mills:wtf: ? McCarteny's soon to be ex-wife?:wtf:
  8. That was my first impression, too.
  9. I never liked Paul's saintly persona. And Stella has always appeared to be a spoiled snotty *****.
    [this is not a defense of Heather, though, who seemed to know exactly what she was after with Paul]
  10. I'm not a fan of Heather's, never have been. But I had hoped that she could bring some happiness to Paul. They should both agree to never discuss anything that has gone on, just raise their daughter. Sorry- I will always have a soft spot for Paul, no matter what kind of a codger he has been!
  11. you took the words right out of my mouth:lol:
  12. well, i hope she can be happy now..