Heather Locklear's long lost twin!

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  1. is it me or doesn't this girl look like Heather Locklear??
    It's Sarah Harding



    BTW, I think Heather is beautiful for her age!!

  2. I can definitely see the resemblance, it's spooky! I think Sarah would be very flattered indeed...
  3. Wow!! I didn't read the entry first, but I thought it was Heather @ first!
  4. They're both stunning!
  5. Yes, she sure does.
  6. Similar smiles. Both beautiful.
  7. In the second one I think she does, in the first I see Rebecca Romijn.
  8. I love Heather !She is beautyful!
  9. They're both beautyful!
  10. Wow that's pretty uncanny! They both are good looking women.
  11. they do look similar. :yes:
  12. Yep, I saw that pic yesterday and thought it was Heather!
  13. Yes, definitely!!
  14. Oh Heather is SO pretty! Love her!

    Anyone remember Heather Thomas? I used to think when she was young, and was on tv on The Fall GUy, at the same time when locklear was doing dynasty, etc., that they looked so much alike. Not so much now though...
  15. Totally!

    I love Heather. She has a very youthful quality about her too.