Heath, Michelle and Matilda out in NYC

  1. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams kept daughter Matilda Rose, 14 months, under wraps on an afternoon shopping spree (for groceries maybe?) in New York City on Monday.

    Also shielded from public view, snugged in gloves, are Heath's hands. Heath was reportedly seen wearing a wedding band last week, triggering rumors that the couple had tied the knot. But so far, the two aren't saying - or showing - anything.
    Heath and Michelle met on the set of Brokeback Mountain in 2004 and have been engaged since 2005.
  2. thanks for sharing, they look rather BORING in this photo!
  3. I love this couple. They're so cute.
  4. Alas....stars really are regular people after all!! Who woulda thought?? :confused1: lol
  5. They look so down to earth. :love:

    They make a nice couple.
  6. I like them as a couple.
  7. I like the way they look. Normal without the paparazzi freaks all over them (though obviously someone was there since they took the pictures). They seem to be enjoying life as it was meant to. Kudos to them!
  8. Awwww... what a cute couple. :smile:
  9. Cute family
  10. Down to earth couple as it seems :heart:
  11. ummm, the look like they need a shower