Heath Ledger = A Gay Joker?????

  1. WB has announced officially that Heath Ledger will be playing Joker in Batman Sequel: The Dark Knight.........
    The WB thinks that Heath Ledger has a different approach to play the Joker role, I don't know specifically but was it their way to say that it would be some Gay-ish Joker?????
    Maybe they're inspired by the success of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow character??? Who knows..................


    source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. Hmmm...interesting. I'm trying to imagine Heath with all of that Joker makeup. That should be quite a transformation!
  3. It really doesn't matter what I see Heath in from now on. He's always going to seem gay to me. Pretty much like everytime I see Kevin Bacon I see a pedophile (The Woodsman, Sleepers).
  4. i love him he is hot:biggrin:
  5. I absolutely love Heath and think he's an amazing actor!!!
  6. I wonder how this will turn out?
  7. Personally, I think it's a sh*tty move. I just can't see him as the joker. I'm a huge Batman fan and I was happy when they picked Christian Bale to play Batman. He did a great job!

    Heath Ledger is a fine actor, just not The Joker.
  8. I just don`t see Heath Ledger playing Joker. I can`t seem to picture it.
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