Heated Rollers vs. Curling Iron

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  1. Dear All,
    does anyone use a curling iron and heated rollers or has compared both? I am using an curling iron to do my beach waves. Lately my hair is breaking whenever I use the iron (i loose hair, when I wash it the next time) so I am looking for alternatives. So far I tried to curl the with my fingers and pin them down as little buns but the result is not the same.
    I thought, heated rollers have not that much heat so it could be an alternative?
    Best Wishes
  2. Do you use a heat protectant? Might help some. But if your hair is breaking every time I'd suggest you find another hair style and just do this once in a while. The rollers are still going to be heat. My hairdresser told me my hair is in good condition because I don't use much heat on it.
  3. Thank you, sdkitty, yes, I use different heat protectors. Changing my hair style would be the wise thing to do, but my Bob is my 'signature hairstyle' which is the most flattering for me. Thank you!
  4. what if you wear it straight?
    I guess that would still require a hair dryer but maybe wouldn't break your hair off
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  5. I wear it straight about every second time I wash my hair. I just feel so much better with waves that I thought about changing the curling regimen, that's why I thought of Heat rollers. I also looked at the new dyson-tool. But it seems that the curls are not lasting with this tool. So maybe you're right and I should just wear it straight and leave curly to special occasions...
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  6. Have you considered velcro rollers? I dry my hair naturally whenever possible and its naturally wavy. But if I want the wave or curl to be a little more defined, I will use velcro rollers - sometimes I only need to keep them in for about an hour or less.
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  7. Thank you! These are on my list, too. I saw several Youtube-Tuorials, maybe this is a solution, and they are also not expensive.
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  8. I use the Instyler tool. It seems to work well and I don’t get breakage.
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  9. Does your curling iron have a heat setting? Perhaps turning the heat down to the lowest setting needed to get some curl, ie below 300 degrees and don’t let the iron set on your hair for long.
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  10. Thank you!
  11. So I tried the following:
    Velcro Rollers - tangled my hair so much I pulled strands from my scalp
    rolling my Hair with pins - it worked quite well. Didn't look like real beachwaves but does the trick when I don't have important meetings
    Curling Iron on 266 Degrees (we have celsius which would be 130): worked well
    So I will keep the last two options. Thank you all for your good tipps!
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  12. I have both curlers and multiple curling irons/wands. My hair is thick and curl resistant and in healthy condition. I use a spray heat protectant.
    Curlers: easy to use and gentler. I can set them and then do my makeup or have my coffee. But it takes more time for the curls to set and because I have so much hair I still sometimes have to go in with my wand to style a select few pieces.
    Curling wand: easier and quicker to get the look I want but more labor intensive.
    What is your hair texture? Some things I do to help style my hair is to vary the size of the pieces I grab. Curling smaller pieces will expose them to more heat. Since I have a lot of hair the thicker hair underneath I just curl with a fat wand in big sections. I also don’t curl the very end of the strand I’m holding. It’s less damaging and it looks more natural in my opinion.
    Lastly, what curling iron/wand do you use? Is it one of the old fashioned metal ones, or ceramic?
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    I use the very large velcro rollers since my hair is below shoulder length, and when I remove them after my hair has dried, I take the very end/tips of the hair and unroll them which is easier and leads to less tangles. But I don't use rollers on a regular basis - only when I am going out to an event or dinner etc. Sorry to hear they did not work out for you but it looks like you found some other good options.
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  14. My hair is fine and thin, so it reacts quite cooperative to heat. Thank you for your comparison, I guess I'll have to try heated rollers as well. I have two curling wands - i. e. I use a flattening tool for my curls or a curling wand. Both are with ceramic and from remington. Thank you!
  15. I used heated rollers that are flocked to straighten my hair and I find them much more gentle on my hair than a curling iron.
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