Heated flooring, worth it?

  1. we have marble floors and they a freezing cold! wish we could have heated floors.
  2. We have it and I am so glad we did it. I was telling DH we didn't need it but I love it. I get up 2 or 3 times a night to use the bathroom and on the rare occasion that I forget to turn it on, it is shocking.
  3. How long does it take to warm up?
  4. Honestly I don't think you need it. We have it in the main bathroom and I honestly find it annoying and unnecessary.

    A good heat lamp ( or whatever it's called is all that's needed unless you live somewhere really cold)

    But take what I say with a pinch of salt, because I also hate heated seats in cars.
  5. We have it in every room. It was already there when I bought the apartment. As someone who is freezing almost all the time I am really grateful for heated flooring.
  6. Probably about 1/2 hour.
  7. A contractor mentioned stained concrete, so I think we might going that direction instead of marble.
  8. Ugh, i hate our stained concrete floors. We used to have wood and travertine, which i thought was too much work. Turns out, concrete is just as hard to take care of and never seems clean enough to me. We have had the floors buffed and restained then buffed again and sealed, but i still hate them. I miss my wood and travertine floors.
  9. If it is your own house and you are planning on living there a good long while, I would say it is worth it. I lived in a gorgeous house with heated marble floors for over a year and it was a nice treat in the winter. Just make sure it is installed right as the heated flooring in the master bathroom didn't seem to spread evely but I had no problems with mine.

    The apartment I am in now has underfloor heating for the whole unit pretty much and it's great because it saves us a ton on our heating bill and keeps the apartment toasty and warm throughout the colder months. Sometimes too warm even :p
  10. My sister has it in her whole house and loves it (wood floors). Last night we were talking about house stuff and she did say that she can see the wood floors expand with the heat then shrink a tiny bit-nothing anyone would notice but she thought the wood does dry out more and she has to have the floors mopped with wood products to keep mositure in them. I love no matter how cold it is her house feels warm, you can go barefoot all winter.....
  11. If you ever want to replace the floor, there could be issues with removing the tile. You might want to ask about that before you buy. What if a tile breaks?

    I just get those foot duvet slippers from Restoration Hardware every year and I'm happy.
  12. Stained concrete seems like such an easy low maintenance thing. I really appreciate all the input!
  13. I can't stand it. If you live in a moderate (not freezing cold climate) it's not necessary.

    I feel ill and overheated when I walk on heated flooring.

    The only time I would imagine enjoying it would be on a ski vacation or somewhere really, really cold.

    ETA I forgot that I posted here already. Seriously I hate heated anything because it's simply too hot!
  14. I have them too...
    And the best thing, heat bills are greeeeat (inexpensive)!
  15. Yes! We bought the house from the previous owners who built it. They have the wires ( or whatever it is) put in when the concrete for the slab was poured. Our winter electricity bill seems to be a good 25-50% less than other comparable homes that use reverse cycle A/c for heating. Also, our us set to off peak, which helps alot.