Heated flooring, worth it?

  1. I came across a picture of a master bathroom with marble flooring, and I adore it. I just feel hesitant to choose marble, because my mom's marble feels cold if you're not wearing socks. I'd spring for the heated floor if was an extra $2,000 or so, but I wonder how well it works. Anyone have any experiences?
  2. We got heated flooring in all the bathrooms and in the kitchen at home.
    Works well and one never got cold feet in winter. I love it and don't want to miss it.
    But if you don't got "real Winters" I think you don't really need it...
  3. I had marble flooring in my last house that was heated. I think it is a must.
  4. Totally worth it! We installed a lot of tile in our house when we renovated and put in NuHeat everywhere. DH keeps it at a temp where the floor doesnt feel warm per se, but is definitely not cold. We recently turned it off while on vacation to save on energy bill and when we got back the floor was freezing! It would be unbearable in this cold climate to have tile/natural stone without heating.
  5. I live in the South and have heated flooring in the bathroom and I love it. One of the best decisions we made during renovation!
  6. Yes, it is worth it! DH and I cannot live without it during the winter months. Especially in the bathrooms!
  7. I think that if you live in a climate which has cold winters it's worth it. I live in AZ, so if anything, I wish our slate was cooled. :p
  8. I live in the South too, TX. I appreciate all the input. I forgot to ask how long does it take to heat up?
  9. Totally worth the money!
  10. I think it depends on where u live, but I love having mine!!
  11. Do you ladies mind sharing the cost of installation?
  12. Absolutely worth it!! Plus, if you plan on moving it's a great selling feature too.
  13. A salesman at a flooring center said they needed plans to send off to the vendor. I'll let you know when I get an estimate.
  14. Thank you.
  15. Heated floors are amazing! We redid our bath in marble 15 months ago, I was hesitant on the heated floor but dh really wanted it. It's awesome to walk into the bath on a cold morning and the floor is actually warm! The dogs sleep on it, the kids lay their clothes on it to heat them up, I sit on it to do my nails. It has a programmable thermostat so it's nice and cozy when we get up. Definitely worth it!!!