Heated eyelash curler?

  1. Anyone try the heated eyelash curler? I know Sephora sells one and I thought it would make a cute gift for my friend who is a beauty makeup junkie and this is one product she does not have.
    Any thoughts on this?
  2. I have the one from Sephora. I used it all the time at first, but not so much after the novelty wore off. I have friends with difficult to curl lashes and they swear by it, but I prefer the regular metal eyelash curlers. :shrugs:
  3. I wanted to correct the post the eyelash curler I thought looked cool was in Bliss Spa. It was something like $30.00 and it seemed nice. I don't use one but a few of my friends can't live without theirs (the regular metal ones).
  4. I love mine- and if i'm traveling without it I will heat up my regular one with a hair dryer. Same concept as a curling iron for your hair. :smile:
  5. I've never used one. The normal Shiseido curler works like a charm!
  6. I tried one from Talika but didn't like it. I perfer Shu Uemura eyelash curler. I can heat it by using the hair dryer to blow on it. It works so well.
  7. I own one but it's a useless piece as it doesn't curl my straight lashes at all. The Shu Umera metal eyelash curler works best for me.
  8. 2nd the shu u. Heat it slightly with a blow dryer and you'll get the same effect.
  9. I was told that using the heated one is dangerous, as you may destroy your eyelashes. Just like using hair straighteners often.. using heated eyelash curlers are not so great.

    Opinions?? :flowers:
  10. I'd be too scared to use a heated one! I'll stick to my good ol' *normal* Shiseido!
  11. I prefer regular. It gives a better curl. I've tried a heated eyelash curler and it's just too time consuming.
  12. Do you girls put it all the way near the eye lids or half way through the eyelash?
  13. Sometimes when I want extra curl I'll just use the blow dryer to warm the curler, but I never let it get hot. Works great.

    When I wear mascara on regular days I just hold my curler in place for about 5secs.
  14. I curl from near the eyelid because I have very short straight lashes.
  15. Traditional. I'd be too scared to use a heated one lol