heat wave...

  1. this last few days have been super hot. i dont feel like going outside at all....is it just a midwest heat wave thing....?
    hows the weather anywhere else?
  2. Bloody Hot !!! Its going to be about 100 degrees in New York City tomorrow aggahh !!!
  3. .....add to that the humidity.....it's going to kill us.
  4. I'm here in Florida....Not only is it hot, but it's humid as hell!! Today there was a breeze though. Thank God I live next to the water. But, it's like hot blow dryer heat --- so, yes, this weather is crazy insane.

    Global warming....Remember to consider your politician's stance on environmental issues next time you vote (sorry, I had to add that in)
  5. well today is dry heat in NYC thank god. i am not looking forward to the subway platforms tomorrow at all.

  6. Lets hope the air conditioning is :censor: working in the trains.
  7. sunny here in SF but still kinda windy.. I don't like it at all. I wish I was back in LA in the heat!
  8. Umm if it is gross, I will take a cab. HHAHA... that sounds ridiculous and unbearable!!!
  9. I'm dreading tomorrow. They were saying it's going to feel like 105+ in Philly tomorrow. Yuck!
  10. Today was like 95 degrees and terribly humid in RI. My sister made me and my kids go to some lake where there was no parking, we had to walk about 1/2 mile in the heat carrying all our stuff. It was horrible!! I just like to stay home in the air conditioning when it's like this!!
  11. I'm in Southern Cali & hot but bearable. Its in the 80s where I am but its nice at the beach at about 70 degrees. =)
  12. Hot and humid, 100 degrees in MN?! You got to be kidding me. Some places had dew points of 80+ degrees. I've been inside all weekend.
  13. NYC is supposed to literally feel like hell until at least Wednesday or Thursday I heard on the news.
  14. This is the point that I will direct everyone to become aware of global warming and the ways that you can help out. Global warming is serious enough that we should all try to help out in your own little way.

    Most importantly:
    And to warn everyone about the dangers of heat waves! I think in 1995 a lot of people died in Chicago because of the heat waves. I'm sure some of you may still remember the pictures of the trucks with dead bodies piled. A lot of people die usually because of heat waves and the fact that they don't take proper care. Go ahead and to a news search and be informed!

    So: Keep yourself hydrated & cool!!!!!
    And make sure that older people (grandparents and so on) are hydrated and cool too!!
  15. I'm dreading the hot weather like everyone else.It's going to be in the 90's all week long with a slight chance of rain on wednesday. I'm going to try and keep cool throughout this horrible heatwave.:sad: