heat stroke style

  1. how do you wear your hermes silk scarves during the summer? or do you leave them home july-august?
  2. Only pouchettes and twillys on my bags.
  3. i think you can still wear them on your bags, no? or maybe as belts.
  4. I am going to be wearing my pointus/pochettes over the summer. The mouselline will also be worn occasionally. The big girl scarves will probably not get worn a lot, just too hot in NJ!
  5. too bad I am too chicken wearing scarf as a halter top.
  6. I wear them.

    I went to grad school in Delaware. In class one day, a local girl, married to a Texan, was complaining about being stuck with a Texan in summer without AC. She told everyone to make sure such a terrible fate never happened to them, since she never heard an end to the laments and complaints.

    I take that advice to heart. I go ahead and wear my scarves and make sure I go from home AC to car AC to work AC. Considering it's over 90 degrees for a significant part of the year here, it's kinda my only choice if I want to enjoy my scarves.
  7. interesting! guess a pochette would be a better choice for a purchase in june then. lol
    and i better wear my new scarf as much as possible while i still can. got it!
  8. I think if you go to work early enough or stay in AC all day its possible - for many days - but I haven't tried it out yet. Are we going straight from winter to summer this year? Where is spring? Its weirdly hot today....
  9. omg gga- did you go to UD for grad school? i went to UD undergrad. omg i LOVE delaware!!!

  10. It's that short walk from the car to the nearest air cooled place that kills me. It is strangely hot today, but I think it's going to cool down a bit in the next few days.....
  11. I just wear the pochettes/Twillys in my hair or on my bags in the summer. Might try the scarf as a top thing this summer. :graucho:
  12. Yep. Combined museum/UD program. I'm a fighting blue hen. (cracks my husband right up, that does.) Ooh, scary, fierce beasties, those blue hens. Peck you right to death, they will!

    I love Delaware. I lived in Mendenhall/Chadd's Ford area for most of my time. I love Philly too. I loved KOP Mall, Knit Wit, Nan Duskin, Renningers and Black Angus flea markets. They didn't have an NM when I was there, so when I'd get homesick, I'd have to drive to Chevy Chase.

    I miss it so much. I really, really miss trees and old architecture.
  13. omg i crack EVERYONE up when i say i'm a fighting blue hen! the only female mascot. i was just talking to someone about that last night. i worked at christiana mall at ruby tuesday and the pttp- grad theatre. i LOVE kop and well basically everything in delaware and pa! i miss the melting pot, 202, and the delaware beaches. i haven;'t been to rehoboth in too long. ah, the outlets, the drive there is one of my favorites. oh i'm so happy i found another ud'er!
  14. I think I'll be leaving them home--I may try trying one as a headband with a scarf ring, but none will be around my neck for sure!
  15. Pointu's and Plisses are great in the summer to tie your hair back or tied loosely around your neck.......but I don't pull out the big scarves in the heat of the summer unless it's one I can use as a belt with jeans or white pants.