Heat Stamps?

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  1. For those of you who have heat stamped...kind of a fun question!

    Did you choose your first name/last name or your maiden name/last name?

    Even though I'm planning to take my fiancé's last name when we get married this spring, I just love my maiden last name & am planning to keep it as my middle (and use all 3 on business, email, social media, etc). I'm considering personalizing my LVs with heat stamps & am stuck on which two names to pick!
  2. I'm not married but my heatstamp is of my first initial, second and surname initial. So mine is NBS :smile:
  3. actually.....I have a number of items heat stamped.....and not all of them are the same. I use the two initials of my first name the most. DH bought me a bag for our anniversary and I used my married name initials to stamp that one. Why not have fun with it ;)
  4. I got my initials done...3 letters, no dots inbetween
  5. but I only did 2 letters my 1st and last name, for my luggage tag and on my actual bag I have my first middle last initial
  6. I bought a luggage tag whilst on honeymoon and used my married initials. I still haven't used it!
  7. I only have had my wallet heat stamped & I did, first name, maiden name & married last name initials, it looks wonderful!
  8. Just my first initial on my clochette and my first dot married last on my mini Pochette.
  9. I use my maiden initials. Since I am on my 2nd marriage I am glad I made that choice, plus I like my maiden name better than both of theirs. I have done just my first and last and I have also done first, middle, and last with dots. It depends on the size od the item as to what combination I use.
  10. I only have to initials. AM. I am not married haha.
  11. All my heat stamped items have my first, middle, and last (married) initials. No ellipses. :smile:
  12. My most recent acquisition is my mono NF (Revealed earlier!!) it's from 2008 & I wasn't married, (well not to my current husband anyway haha! ) then so I chose to have my maiden initials N W on it.

    My DA NF I got last year has my married initials N R.
  13. kool intials. mines are PM :smile:
  14. Most of my things are heat stamp some are R.A.C (first , middle and surname ) and some are R.A. But when I get married it will go to R.A.E 😀
  15. It always seemed to me that getting your first and middle initial will work forever. Single, married, divorced. re-married and etc., those two initials will remain the same. ;)