Heat Stamping?

  1. I know you can get your speedy's done, but i just saw a post about wallets!

    so, what's everything that can be heatstamped?:biggrin:
  2. theres a post/thread on this somewhere, but here's the gist:

    speedys, papillons, wallets, agendas, ipod cases (not definite answer, but i'm sure it's possible since it's big enough), i've seen belts done, luggage, luggage tags, vachetta or leather cles (ie: panda, fortune, etc), cigarette case, etc etc..

    if you go into the boutiques they can show you what can be and can't be stamped, and they'll also show you the font styles, colors and sizes for the stamping.
  3. It also has to be a flat surface for them to stamp it on.
  4. There is a ton of information in the other thread, please do a search.
  5. thank you :yes: