Heat Stamping Your initials?


Feb 1, 2006
The other day it was suggested that I get my (future) bag heat stamped with my initials. I am really interested in hearing more about this as I don't ever intend to sell my bags. Have any of you had this done and if so do you have pictures? Do they do it in the store or do they send it out? Has anyone had it done by someone other than LV?

Thanks in advance. :P
I have all my bags (except my macha waltz, manhattan GM, denim neo and cheries speedy) heat stamped! I love it, it is so personal. I don't plan on selling any of my bags so that is why I did not hesitate. The only thing is I'm not married so when I get married all my bags will have my last name initial. Oh well :amuse: I will take pictures and post ASAP. My opinion DO IT!!! To answer your other questions, LV stores do it in the store (I think places like saks and NM have to send it to an LV store, but I'm not positive) and I would recommended getting it done at the store becasue if they mess up they'll have to fix it! The longest I waited was 1 week (but I had 3 key covers (I forgot the technical name)).
I think it would be a nice little detail to personalize your bag(s).

I plan to heat stamp my BH whem I'm in the SCP area. I called over there once before & they said it takes about an hour or so depending on how busy they are?
I think they usually heat stamp your initials on the leather part of the bag. I bought a mini monogram pouch for my cousin 4 wks ago and I requested it to be heat stamped with her initials. I just got a call yesterday that it's finally ready for pick up. Even though they initially told me it'll take 3 to 4 days for the heat stamp, but it actually took them a month to do mine. I'll pick it up this weekend and will post pictures later.

You can also choose the color of the heat stamp. I got the initials heat stamp in gold since the SA said it looks best in that color. We'll see...
I've seen where they "paint" the initials on, and it is still on 75 years later!!!!

I would love to see the heat stamp results. It would be a nice touch on my next bag. Either a Damier Speedy or a mono speedy 30.