Heat stamping question

  1. I bought a luggage piece through a 3rd party but its brand new. Can I have the tag heat stamped with my initials? If so, do I just bring the tag in to a boutique and ask for it? Or do I need to drop off the whole piece?

    I am just confused on what steps I should be following.

    Thank you,
  2. Just bring in the tag, they should help you....hopefully you have a regular SA, then you won't have any problems for sure :smile:
  3. I'm quite sure you can take the tag and get it stamped. Don't quote me on it though, but I read somewhere on the forum that as long as it's authentic they should be willing to do it.
  4. From what I was told, just walk in with your tag (not the whole piece) and they'll do it : ) Ala Moana said it takes around 3 days.