Heat Stamping Locations

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  1. Thought this would be useful, since some stores have to send out for heat stamping and some can do it in store while you wait. I would much rather travel a bit further if I could wait! :biggrin:

    So, if you have gotten an item heat stamped, post the location and if it can be done in store or has to be sent out.

    I may be the only one who cares about this ... geek. :rolleyes::roflmfao:

    The Palm Beach Gardens, FL store has to send them out.
  2. Montreal Ogilvy Louis Vuitton sends them out to Toronto
  3. Century City sends items to Beverly Hills/Rodeo Dr. for heat stamping.
  4. SCP does it in-store.
  5. so doe sthat me the LV in toronto does the stemping in store? :biggrin: and is heat stamping free? :sweatdrop:
  6. 1 east 57th street, nyc -- in-store of course ;)
  7. yep, free. if you can't pick it up they'll even ship it to you free.
  8. LV at waikiki does in-store.
  9. LV in Leeds, England does it while you wait. they say it takes 3 days but it only took an hour to get my luggage tag stamped. the sweet SA joe even said he would have brought it next door to the coffee shop (where i went while i waited) for me if i didnt want to go back to the store.
  10. Vancouver does it but only luggage tags - no wallets, unfortunately. I'm not sure if they send it out or if they do it in-store.
  11. Ala Moana boutique (Oahu, HI) heatstamps in-store....same day.

    As does Wailea,(Maui, HI) I think...although I think they only let managers do the stamping, so best to allow several business days to be completed.
  12. Both LV - San Francisco and LV - Valley Fair do heat stamping in-house, but it's a three-day wait.
  13. although this is sooo far far away, Kuala Lumpur store do it in-store.sometimes, thy even it in front of ur door. :amuse: