Heat stamping damier

  1. This is probably a stupid question :shame: but........ can a damier bag be heatstamped? I want to get my Illovo done but I don't know where they could actually stamp it. I've had a few small accessories done but I think it was on the leather parts inside. Can they only heatstamp leather? Does anyone know? Thanks! :love:
  2. Damier bags can only be stamped on the dark ebony leather. Out of all the color choices, gold looks the best! Go to the heatstamp thread, there are lots of examples and colors. ;)
  3. I think they can only heat stamp the interior leather, they can paint stuff on the outside, but I don't think they can heat stamp the outside canvas, b/c it is canvas.
  4. Okay, thanks so much! :heart:
  5. oh, someone just did gold heatstamping on the leather tab of their damier speedy and it was to die for!
  6. i want custom painting, but it's not offered in my store :'(
  7. Yes, it can be stamped. I got my initials on the left side, on the leather where the handle is placed. It's in golden and looks gorgeous... :love:
  8. only on leather parts (inside and outside), painting can be donbe only on hard-sided items like suitcases or trunks... (I heard that somewhere:smile: